What is the purpose of the Republican convention?

What is the purpose of the Republican convention?

What is the purpose of the Republican convention?

They are administered by the Republican National Committee. The goal of the Republican National Convention is to officially nominate and confirm a candidate for president and vice president, adopt a comprehensive party platform and unify the party, as well as publicize and launch the fall campaign.

How many people attended the 2012 Republican National Convention?

The convention lasted from August 27–30, 2012. According to the convention website, it hosted 2,286 delegates, 2,125 alternates and 15,000 credentialed members of the media.

When was the DNC in Los Angeles?

The convention was held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California from August 14 to August 17, 2000. Gore accepted the presidential nomination on August 17, the final night of the convention. Harold Ford Jr.

What is the rationale for a party convention?

The formal purpose of such a convention is to select the party’s nominee for popular election as President, as well as to adopt a statement of party principles and goals known as the party platform and adopt the rules for the party’s activities, including the presidential nominating process for the next election cycle.

What year was the DNC in Denver?

2008 Democratic National Convention

Date(s) August 25–28, 2008
City Denver, Colorado, U.S.
Venue Pepsi Center (August 25 – August 27) Invesco Field at Mile High (August 28)
Chair Nancy Pelosi of California

Who did JFK pick as his running mate in 1960?

After winning the presidential nomination on the first ballot of the 1960 Democratic National Convention, Massachusetts Senator John F. Kennedy turned his attention to picking a running mate. Kennedy chose Senate Majority Leader Lyndon B. Johnson, who had finished second on the presidential ballot, as his running mate.

Who were the Democratic candidates in 1960?

1960 United States presidential election

Nominee John F. Kennedy Richard Nixon
Party Democratic Republican
Home state Massachusetts California
Running mate Lyndon B. Johnson Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr.
Electoral vote 303 219

What is the purpose of a convention?

A convention, in the sense of a meeting, is a gathering of individuals who meet at an arranged place and time in order to discuss or engage in some common interest. The most common conventions are based upon industry, profession, and fandom.

What has become the main purpose of the political party convention quizlet?

The purpose of the party’s national convention is to choose a party’s delegates for the general election though a combination of presidential primary elections and caucuses.

What is the Republican National Convention theme for 2012?

^ Republican National Convention (August 17, 2012). ” “A Better Future” to be Republican Convention Theme”. Retrieved August 20, 2012. “After four years of high unemployment and skyrocketing debt, we need America’s ‘Comeback Team’ to get the country working again and protect the American Dream for our children and grandchildren,” said Priebus.

Where was the 2010 Republican National Convention held?

News reports in early 2010 indicated that Tampa, as well as Salt Lake City, Utah and Phoenix, Arizona, had been selected as finalist candidates for the convention site. The decision was announced on May 12, 2010, when Tampa was selected as the host city.

Why are puppets not allowed at the Republican National Convention?

The city of Tampa has banned puppets from downtown during the convention, a decision which some puppet-makers say violates their civil liberties. Police claimed that puppets could be used to conceal weapons—at the 2000 RNC, police charged a group of puppet-makers in Philadelphia with conspiracy to resist arrest.