What is the synonym and antonym of prominent?

What is the synonym and antonym of prominent?

What is the synonym and antonym of prominent?

salient(ip), large, striking, owing(p), dramatic, spectacular, great, salient, outstanding, undischarged, big. Antonyms: inconspicuous, invisible.

What does figured prominently mean?

Meaning. to be an important part of a process, an event, a story, etc.

What is example of prominent?

The definition of prominent is something that is very noticeable or sticks out. An example of prominent is the tattoo someone has on their face. Noticeable at once; conspicuous. Prominent markings.

What is the opposite of prominently?

Opposite of in an eminent or prominent manner. little. negligibly. nominally. slightly.

Which is the closest synonym for the word prominently?

synonyms for prominently

  • apparently.
  • certainly.
  • definitely.
  • distinctly.
  • evidently.
  • obviously.
  • openly.
  • plainly.

What are synonyms for the word prominence?

synonyms for prominence

  • eminence.
  • height.
  • bulge.
  • bump.
  • cliff.
  • conspicuousness.
  • crag.
  • crest.

How do you use prominently in a sentence?

in a prominent way.

  1. His football trophies were prominently displayed in the kitchen.
  2. Olive oil and garlic feature prominently in his recipes.
  3. Garlic features prominently in her recipes.
  4. The photographs were prominently displayed on her desk.
  5. The issue figured prominently in our discussion.

Does prominent mean important?

Definition of prominent leading, important, or well-known: a prominent citizen.

How do you use prominently?

How would I use prominent in a sentence?

Prominent in a Sentence 🔉

  • There is a six-month waiting list to see the most prominent psychiatrist in the city.
  • If you are a prominent member of society, you will surely get an invitation to the mayor’s fundraising gala.

What does prominence mean in science?

A prominence, sometimes referred to as a filament, is a large plasma and magnetic field structure extending outward from the Sun’s surface, often in a loop shape. Prominences are anchored to the Sun’s surface in the photosphere, and extend outwards into the solar corona.

What does pre eminent mean?

Definition of preeminent : having paramount rank, dignity, or importance : outstanding, supreme.