What is the Taylor-Burton diamond worth today?

What is the Taylor-Burton diamond worth today?

What is the Taylor-Burton diamond worth today?

Throughout her life, she was widely known for her generous philanthropy. As Taylor once said, “I have never thought of my jewelry as trophies. I’m just here to take care of them.” The Taylor-Burton diamond was sold to the New York jeweler Henry Lambert for reportedly $3 million.

Who owns the Taylor-Burton diamond now?

mogul Robert Mouawad
Two years after Taylor and Burton divorced in 1976, the stone was auctioned off for $5 million and the funds from the sale were used to build a hospital in Botswana. Today, diamond mogul Robert Mouawad owns the stone and has recut it down to 68 carats.

Who owns the Elizabeth Taylor Diamond now?

Movie star Richard Burton dazzles wife Elizabeth Taylor—and their legions of fans—when he buys her a 69-carat Cartier diamond ring costing $1.5 million.

Did Richard Burton buy the Hope diamond for Elizabeth Taylor?

There was a flurry of press on the 69.42-carat pear shape gem in 1969 when it was first bought by Cartier at auction. More ink followed the very next day when it was sold to Richard Burton who gave it to Elizabeth Taylor.

Who inherited Elizabeth Taylor’s jewels?

The Trust and Its Other Beneficiaries It’s rumored that the trust passed the majority of her assets to her children, grandchildren, and to various charities. It’s also believed, according to Bloomberg Business, that Elizabeth Taylor’s net worth at the time of her death was between $600 million and $1 billion.

Who owns La Peregrina Pearl now?

Elizabeth Taylor
It is often said that this pearl is La Peregrina, ‘The Wanderer’, a 58½ carat pear-shaped pearl, and that it was given to Mary by Philip as a wedding present and returned to him by the terms of her will. La Peregrina is now owned by Elizabeth Taylor: Richard Burton bought it for her in New York in 1969.

What happened to Liz Taylors diamond ring?

After Taylor’s passing in 2011, her estate put the iconic ring up for auction at Christie’s along with 80 additional items from her collection. The sale was to benefit her eponymous foundation that supported many charities and medical research.

What happened to Elizabeth Taylors diamond ring?

What happened to all of Elizabeth Taylors jewelry?

The entire collection of Taylor’s jewelry went for auction at Christie’s on the 16th of December 2011. The final sale total came to an astonishing $156.8m. This included $8.8m for the engagement ring containing the Krupp – now renamed Taylor – diamond.

Why is it called the Taylor Burton Diamond?

It was named “The Cartier-Burton Diamond” for a short time, but soon gained fame as the “Taylor Burton Diamond,” as Elizabeth Taylor was the one who would be wearing it. Part of the sales agreement for Elizabeth Taylor’s pear shaped diamond was that it could be displayed at Cartier’s stores in Chicago and New York.

How many Carats is a Taylor Burton Diamond?

Taylor–Burton Diamond. The Taylor–Burton Diamond, a diamond weighing 68 carats (13.6 g), became notable in 1969 when it was purchased by actors Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor.

How much did Richard Burton pay for Taylor Swift’s engagement ring?

Taylor’s husband, the actor Richard Burton, had set a maximum bid of $1 million for the diamond, with his lawyer, Aaron Frosch, bidding on the telephone from London, and Al Yugler of the jewellers Frank Pollock and Sons, bidding in the room for Burton. The auction began at $200,000 with everyone in the room shouting “Yes!”

What happened to Richard Burton when he was outbid?

When Richard Burton found out that he had been outbid, he was livid. He later wrote of his response in his diary, stating that “I turned into a raving maniac and insisted that he (lawyer Jim Benton) get Aaron on the phone as soon as possible.