What makes Aldabra Atoll outstanding?

What makes Aldabra Atoll outstanding?

What makes Aldabra Atoll outstanding?

Outstanding Universal Value. Located in the Indian Ocean, the Aldabra Atoll is an outstanding example of a raised coral atoll. Due to its remoteness and inaccessibility, the atoll has remained largely untouched by humans for the majority of its existence.

Who owns Aldabra Atoll?

the Seychelles
It lies at 9°24′S 46°22′E and belongs to the Aldabra Group, one of the island groups of the Outer Islands of the Seychelles, which includes the island of Assumption and the atolls of Astove and Cosmoledo.

Do people live on Aldabra?

Since the 1980s, the environment on Aldabra has been managed by the Seychelles Island Foundation, which only allows rangers and scientists to live there. Tourists on yachts or small expedition ships are far and few between, having been kept away by Somali pirates who frequent that part of the Indian Ocean.

What country is Aldabra Atoll?

the Republic of the Seychelles
Aldabra Islands, atoll, one of the world’s largest, in the Indian Ocean about 600 miles (1,000 km) southwest of the Seychelles group, and part of the Republic of the Seychelles.

What does Aldabra mean in English?

/ (ælˈdæbrə) / noun. an island group in the Indian Ocean: part of the British Indian Ocean Territory (1965–76); now administratively part of the Seychelles. GOOSES.

Do people live on the Aldabra atoll?

Today, Aldabra is one of the largest and most highly protected marine reserves in the region. No one lives there except a small team of staff from the Seychelles Islands Foundation who manage and protect Aldabra.

What are some atolls?

Most of the world’s atolls are in the Pacific Ocean (with concentrations in the Caroline Islands, the Coral Sea Islands, the Marshall Islands, the Tuamotu Islands, Kiribati, Tokelau, and Tuvalu) and the Indian Ocean (the Chagos Archipelago, Lakshadweep, the atolls of the Maldives, and the Outer Islands of Seychelles).

Can I visit an atoll?

Bikini Atoll[SEE MAP] Today, the islands are safe to visit, and background radiation is now less than most large cities, but the soil still contains dangerous levels of radioactive material. Fish are unaffected, and are in abundance due to lack of fishing.

Can people live on an atoll?

The resident population of the atoll is currently 4–6 caretakers, including Edward Maddison. Maddison has lived on Bikini Island since 1985. His grandfather was one of the original residents relocated in 1947.

Are atolls habitable?

Most atoll islands have limited adaptation space, land available for human habitation (7–9), and water and food sources (10, 11), and most have ecosystems that are vulnerable to seawater inundation (12).

What is the world’s largest atoll?

A few of the islands are compact with fringing reefs, but most are atolls. The largest atoll (and one of the largest in the world) is Kiritimati (Christmas) Atoll in the Line group, which has a land area of 150 square miles (388 square km) and accounts for almost half of the country’s total area.

What is the strategic objective of tourism in Aldabra?

As such, in the Aldabra management plan, the strategic objective regarding tourism is to “promote and facilitate tourism to Aldabra where activities are closely supervised, do not impact on the site values of Aldabra Atoll and generate financial support for ongoing conservation programmes”.

Is Aldabra een atollen ter Wereld?

Aldabra is een van de grootste atollen ter wereld en bevat een van de belangrijkste natuurlijke leefgebieden voor onderzoek naar evolutionaire en ecologische processen. Door zijn ontoegankelijkheid en geïsoleerde ligging is het atol beschermd tegen menselijke invloeden.

What is the Aldabra atoll giant tortoise?

The unmistakeable symbol of Aldabra Atoll, the Aldabra giant tortoise ( Aldabrachelys gigantea) is a huge prehistoric-looking reptile which is one of the last two living representatives of giant tortoises in the world.

Is it possible to visit Aldabra on holiday on Mahé?

I am on holiday on Mahé and would like to visit Aldabra for a few days, is this possible? Aldabra is over 1000km from the island of Mahé in Seychelles. Due to the distance and logistical difficulties in reaching Aldabra it is impossible to visit in one or two days (see ‘ Getting there ’ section).