What turnpike exit is Hershey PA?

What turnpike exit is Hershey PA?

What turnpike exit is Hershey PA?

Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-76) East to exit 247. Take I-283 North to exit 3 and follow 322 East to Hershey.

What exit is NJ Turnpike from PA Turnpike?

Exit 6
Travel Picture Of NJTP Extension to Pennsylvania Turnpike ▷ Guide signs in the truck lanes of the NJTP direct northbound traffic to Exit 6 and the turnpike extension westbound, to Pennsylvania.

What exit is Bordentown on the turnpike?

Exit 7
From the North or South via NJ Turnpike: Take NJ Turnpike to Exit 7 for Bordentown.

What exit is 266 on the Pennsylvania Turnpike?

Mainline Turnpike (I-76/I-276)

Interchange Interchange Name Milepost
266 Lebanon-Lancaster 266.45
286 Reading 286.09
298 Morgantown 298.33
312 Downingtown 311.93

What is Exit 180 on the PA Turnpike?

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MILE 179
180 FORT LITTLETON McConnellsburg Mount Union
FORT LITTLETON McConnellsburg Mount Union

What is the first exit on the New Jersey Turnpike?

exit 1
In July 2004, the New Jersey Turnpike Authority opened the new exit 1 toll gate in Carneys Point Township.

What town is Exit 8a on NJ Turnpike?

Jamesburg; Cranbury (Jamesburg, New Jersey)

How far is the exit from the New Jersey Turnpike?

About 0.70 miles from exit/ramp. About 1.07 miles from exit/ramp. About 1.08 miles from exit/ramp. About 1.09 miles from exit/ramp. About 1.12 miles from exit/ramp. Where to rest and fuel up on the New Jersey Turnpike.

Where is this junction on the New Jersey Turnpike?

This junction is located in Bordentown, New Jersey. Trenton is nearby. Which directions can be traveled from here? From this junction, traffic can enter the New Jersey Turnpike traveling both southbound and northbound.

What is the next exit to the Delaware River Bridge?

The next exit northbound is Richard Stockton Service Plaza, approximately 5.2 miles away. The next exit southbound is Delaware River Bridge, approximately 5.7 miles away. Use of road signs, highway markers, agency insignia or other logos does not imply any affiliation or endorsement.