What was the cause of the London riots?

What was the cause of the London riots?

What was the cause of the London riots?

What happened in 2011. The 2011 riots emerged out of a peaceful march to demand information about the death of Mark Duggan, a black man from Tottenham, north London, who had been shot dead by the police on August 4. There are varying accounts of what precisely triggered the outbreak of violence.

What happened at the London riots?

The 2011 England riots, or London riots, took over the capital following a protest over the fatal shooting of 29-year-old Mark Duggan. Mr Duggan was shot by police in Tottenham on Thursday, August 4, 2011 after undercover officers forced the minicab he was travelling in to pull over.

Why did the looting in London start?

Ten years ago this week, riots spread across London and other major English cities, sparked by the death of 29-year-old Mark Duggan, who was shot dead by police in Tottenham on 4 August 2011. The riots – the biggest in modern English history – lasted for five days and swept the capital, from Wood Green to Woolwich.

Why were there riots in Woolwich?

The Woolwich events seem to have been provoked by rumours of a racist skinhead invasion to attend a gig at the Tramshed (a similar occurence had led to the riots in Southall in the previous week).

Were there any riots in the UK?

There were no riots in English cities such as Sheffield and Newcastle, and the streets of Welsh and Scottish cities remained equally calm. ^ BBC News: “England riots: Who’s been prosecuted?”

What were the effects of the London riots?

Vehicles, homes and shops were attacked and set alight. At least 100 families are thought to have been made homeless by arson and looting. Shopkeepers estimated the damages in their Tottenham Hale and Tottenham branches at several million pounds. The riots caused the irretrievable loss of heritage architecture.

What was the first fatality of the 2011 London riots?

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