Where is wind energy located in South Africa?

Where is wind energy located in South Africa?

Where is wind energy located in South Africa?

South Africa has fair wind potential, especially along the coastal areas of Western and Eastern Cape. Currently, the Klipheuwel wind farm is operating near Cape Town and the Darling wind farm is expected to be in operation by early 2007.

Where is the most wind in South Africa?

The windiest place: Cape Point, Western Cape Cape Point is officially the windiest place. The annual average wind speed is 14.1 m/s with 42.1 per cent of the wind speeds greater than 8 m/s. But the strongest wind gust ever in South Africa occurred at Beaufort West (Western Cape) on 16 May 1984 and measured 186 km/h.

How many wind farms are in South Africa?

There are 33 wind farms at various stages of development throughout South Africa, including these two giant projects. The country has more than 1,365 wind turbines generators equalling 3,672MW installed capacity of which 2,020MW is fully operational.

Who owns wind farms in South Africa?

The wind farm will generate enough electricity to power over 110,000 typical South African households. The wind plant is owned by a consortium including, Globeleq, Thebe Investment Corp., Old Mutual Insurance Corp., Enzani Technologies, Usizo Engineering and local community members.

Why is South Africa so windy?

Over the eastern and central interior of South Africa annual maximum wind gusts are usually caused by thunderstorm gust fronts during summer, while in the western and southern interior extratropical cyclones play the most dominant role.

How much wind energy does South Africa produce?

South Africa remains the number one wind power market in the region with 2.5 GW of cumulative wind power capacity installed in the country.

How high is a wind turbine in South Africa?

80m tall
This is enough clean electrical energy to power more than 100 000 average South African households. Each wind turbine stands 80m tall with blades 49m long and a rotor diameter of 101 metres. The average rotation of the blades is between 6 and 16 rotations per minute. Each turbine can generate 2.3 MW of electricity.

How much does a wind turbine cost in South Africa?

The cost of the turbine is around R18 000. In addition the pole costs R20 000.

What is the wind atlas for South Africa project?

These data sets were created as part of the Wind Atlas for South Africa project (WASA). The wind resource maps were originally designed for inclusion in GIS-based strategic environmental assessments (SEA) for the entire land mass of South Africa. The maps cover the 9 provinces of South Africa, corresponding to an area of about 1,221,000 km2.

What is a wind resource map?

The wind resource maps are preliminary in nature, even though they are based on high- quality data and contemporary models; maps are subject to change without notice if and when more accurate and reliable data, models and procedures become available. Methodology

What is the wind direction and wind speed?

Wind direction is North, wind speed varies between 1 and 7 m/s with gusts up to 12 m/s. The sky is cloudy with a chance of rain 67%. Get a weather forecast and plan your outdoor activity with Windy.app: Explore live HD wind map with a 10 day wind direction and wind speed.

How often is the weather forecast updated in South Africa?

All data updates four times a day with the forecast step of 3 hours. There is also a real-time wind forecast for Johannesburg, South Africa , and other spots from the nearest weather station, weather history and a live Wind Map. Found mistake or photo from another spot? Write in review!