Who is Clockwerk Sly Cooper?

Who is Clockwerk Sly Cooper?

Who is Clockwerk Sly Cooper?

Clockwerk (stylized as CLOCKWeЯK) was the main antagonist of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus as well as the franchise. He was a ambient robot-like Eurasian eagle-owl that was the leader of the Fiendish Five and nemesis of the Cooper Clan.

How do you beat Clockwerk?

Clockwerk will fire several plasmablasts in a row. Dodge them by moving to the side, then shoot the spot on Clockwerk’s body that is hit with electricity. Whenever Carmelita strikes him with her gun, you must shoot whatever part of him is shown to have electric bolts covering it.

Who voices the Panda King in Sly Cooper?

Kevin Blackton
In return for the Cooper Gang helping him rescue his daughter, the Panda King joined them as their demolitions expert for the Cooper Vault heist. He was voiced by the late Kevin Blackton.

Is there a Clockwerk in Sly 4?

Clockwerk can be found if you look northwest from the geisha building after Riochi talks to Bentley. When taking the picture of the imperial prison, Clockwerk is on top of it.

Who voiced Carmelita Fox?

She was voiced by Roxana Ortega in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, Alesia Glidewell in Sly 2, Ruth Livier in Sly 3 and Grey DeLisle in Thieves in Time and following appearances.

How do you beat clockwork in Sly Cooper 2?

To save his two friends, Sly needs to destroy Clock-La’s eyes. Stand on her left shoulder to smash her left eye when she turns around to look, and stand on her right shoulder to do the same to her right eye. After both of Clock-La’s eyes are destroyed, Clock-La will crash down in Paris.

Why did Carmelitas voice change?

Carmelita is thus the character in the series with the most voice actors. Alésia Glidewell was cast for Sly 2 because the developers were looking for a Jessica Alba soundalike. Interestingly, Carmelita’s voice never sounds like what was done by one of her alternative actresses.

How many copies did Sly 4 Sell?

Sly 4 on PS3 sold about 580K units total worldwide. While Sly 4 on PS Vita sold about 270K units total worldwide. Add that all together and you get about 850K units altogether.

How did Bentley get crippled?

Clock-La was eventually rendered unable to attack after Murray pried open Clock-La’s beak so that Bentley could remove the Hate Chip. Unfortunately, the beak closed shut just after Bentley removed the chip, crushing him.

Who is Clockwerk and what did he do?

The few that knew of his existence wrote how his parts worked in the Thievius Raccoonus. Around Sly’s birth, Clockwerk founded the Fiendish Five and led them in an attack on the currently living Coopers.

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Is Clockwerk good or bad?

Overall, Clockwerk was an evil, bitter and obsessed character who desired nothing more than the eradication of his nemesis, Sly Cooper and his ancestors, at whatever cost, even his own body. This, however, proved to be his downfall.

Is Clockwerk a psychopath?

Clockwerk was obsessed with proving himself superior to the Cooper Clan. He can be identified as a psychopath, being able to endure thousands of years of waiting before planning to finish off the Cooper name with Sly. He openly mocked the Cooper family whenever he had the chance.