Who is the lead singer of Greek Fire?

Who is the lead singer of Greek Fire?

Who is the lead singer of Greek Fire?

Philip SneedGreek Fire / Lead singer

Who is in the band Greek Fire?

Philip SneedKeyboard instrument
Mark Joseph RothBassRyan PhillipsLead guitar
Greek Fire/Members

What band is Moon from 105.7 in?

band Greek Fire
Sneed also fronts the band Greek Fire and is known as radio personality Moon on 105.7 the Point.

What bands is Moon Valjean?

Greek Fire is an American rock band from St. Louis, Missouri….Greek Fire (band)

Greek Fire
Members Philip “Moon Valjean” Sneed Mark Joseph Roth Johnny Venus Chris Hobbs
Past members Ryan Phillips

What is Moon Valjean’s real name?

Story Of The Year guitarist Philip Sneed (AKA ‘Moon Valjean’) has allegedly been ousted from the group ahead of its upcoming Australian tour. In a statement posted to Instagram, Sneed says, “It’s with a broken heart that I confirm that Story Of The Year has decided to move on as a band without me.

How hot is Greek Fire?

1,830 °F
The experiment used crude oil mixed with wood resins, and achieved a flame temperature of over 1,000 °C (1,830 °F) and an effective range of up to 15 meters (49 ft).

Is Greek Fire real?

Greek fire was an incendiary weapon used by the Eastern Roman Empire beginning c. 672. Used to set fire to enemy ships, it consisted of a combustible compound emitted by a flame-throwing weapon. Some historians believe it could be ignited on contact with water, and was probably based on naphtha and quicklime.

Why was Phil Sneed kicked out of Story of the Year?

According to Wall of Sound, the album has hints of the band’s earlier work scattered throughout and a vintage feel, akin to that of Stranger Things. In March 2018, Philip Sneed announced his departure from the band citing he was let go via management, and not long after, the band announced the return of Adam Russell.

When did Moon join the Rizzuto show?

Moon Valjean is a shredder guitarist/vocalist, and producer of the popular Rizzuto morning radio show in St. Louis. The former member of Story of the Year first met Dave and Mark on the Meteora tour with Linkin Park in 2004.

Does Greek fire still exist?

An ancient incendiary weapon used by the Byzantine Empire, Greek fire involved a heavily guarded formula that we still can’t figure out today.