Who plays the man in Undercover Brother?

Who plays the man in Undercover Brother?

Who plays the man in Undercover Brother?

Eddie Griffin
Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Undercover Brother is a 2002 American satirical spy action comedy blaxploitation film directed by Malcolm D. Lee and starring Eddie Griffin.

Who was the villain in Undercover Brother?

White She-Devil is a redeemed villainess from the 2002 comedy Undercover Brother. She is portrayed by Denise Richards.

How much did Undercover Brother gross?

41.6 million USDUndercover Brother / Box office

Where did they film Undercover Brother?

Undercover Brother was filmed in Toronto & Oshawa in Canada.

What year was the movie Undercover Brother?

May 31, 2002 (USA)Undercover Brother / Release date

Is Undercover Brother 2 a sequel?

Undercover Brother 2 is a 2019 American action comedy blaxploitation film directed by Leslie Small and starring Michael Jai White. It is a sequel to the 2002 film Undercover Brother.

Where was Undercover Brother filmed?

Who is Undercover Brother in’the man’?

The B.R.O.T.H.E.R.H.O.O.D., a secret organization that battles The Man’s influence, determines The Man is behind Boutwell’s change of heart, and recruits a freelance agent named Undercover Brother ( Eddie Griffin) to aid them.

Will there be an Undercover Brother 2?

A sequel titled Undercover Brother 2 starring Michael Jai White, Gary Owen, Affion Crockett, and Brandon Hirsch was released on Netflix and directly to video in 2019. ^ “Undercover Brother (2002) – Box Office Mojo”.

What is black man’s kryptonite in Undercover Brother?

Undercover Brother goes undercover as a new employee at a cigarette company owned by The Man, where Mr. Feather discovers his identity. He deploys a secret weapon that he calls “Black Man’s Kryptonite “, an attractive assassin named White She-Devil ( Denise Richards ).

Does Undercover Brother Kiss Sistah Girl?

Undercover Brother survives the building’s self-destruction by leaping off the building and using his wide pants legs as parachutes. He and Sistah Girl kiss and leave the island, the world at peace. There are several mid-credits scenes.