Why was Legacy of Kain dead Sun Cancelled?

Why was Legacy of Kain dead Sun Cancelled?

Why was Legacy of Kain dead Sun Cancelled?

Dead Sun was built on Unreal Engine 3. The unverified reason it was shut down was because Square Enix calculated that the game wouldn’t meet the company’s sales expectations.

Is Legacy of Kain a horror game?

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver is an action-adventure video game developed by Crystal Dynamics and published by Eidos Interactive. It was released for the PlayStation and Microsoft Windows in 1999 and for the Dreamcast in 2000.

Does Legacy of Kain have an ending?

Having defeated the Dark Entity and restored eight of the Pillars of Nosgoth, Kain finally realizes a monumental truth: he himself is the final Pillar Guardian, representing the Pillar of Balance.

What are the best names for a legacy of Kain game?

Hints of the game had first emerged in 2011, when Game Revolution’s Daniel Bischoff cited a consumer survey to determine the best of four possible names tailored for a Legacy of Kain product: Obsidian Blood, Obsidian Sun, Dead Sun or Revenant.

What is the story behind Dead Sun?

Dead Sun was set in the far future of the Legacy of Kain world, long after the events of Soul Reaver and Legacy of Kain: Defiance (2003). Players would control new protagonists Gein, a vampire, and Asher, a human, whose souls became intertwined as they travelled the land of Nosgoth.

Is dead sun coming to PS4?

Conceived as the sixth entry in the Legacy of Kain series, Dead Sun entered production for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Xbox 360, but was cancelled in 2012 following three years of work, and initially remained undisclosed to the public.

What happened to Dead Sun and Nosgoth?

The exposé surrounding Dead Sun and Nosgoth attracted criticism from the video game press. Austin Wood of Cheat Code Central wrote that the project’s cancellation “came as a letdown to many”, whereas GameRanx’s Ryan Parreno regarded the junking as “a genuine waste”. Writing for Rely on Horror, C. J.