Can I watch my Zmodo camera on my computer?

Can I watch my Zmodo camera on my computer?

Can I watch my Zmodo camera on my computer?

You can view your camera online through our web app at Just log in using your the same account credentials that you use to log into the mobile app in order to view and control your devices through your computer’s web browser.

Can’t connect Zmodo to WiFi?

How to solve the Zmodo Wifi connection problem

  1. Access your wireless router settings;
  2. Look for the wireless settings menu;
  3. Find the wireless signal name (SSID);
  4. Rename the SSID for the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz (use different names);
  5. Open the security tab and make sure your router is using WPA or WPA2;

How do I connect my Zmodo app?

Using Zink:

  1. Before you begin:
  2. Download the free app and create a free account.
  3. Open the (+) Add Device menu and start the ‘Zink’ Setup Process.
  4. Connect to your phone to your WiFi device’s wireless signal.
  5. Enter your WiFi information into the corresponding fields.
  6. Name your device.

How do I reset my Zmodo wireless camera?

Please reset your device by pressing and holding the reset pin on the bottom of the Greet until the LED ring turns off. Wait for it to power back on, and retry the setup process once the LED ring is blinking green.

How can I see all Zmodo cameras at once?

Go to the Zmodo app and remove all single cameras if they were added previously, then while on the zmodo app main screen, select the + sign on the top right corner to Add a device, select Smart Kit option and your NVR device should show up automatically. Tap on it to add it, Rename it and done.

What cameras work with Zmodo?

Compatible indoor cameras include Snap PT, Sight 180, Sight 180 C, EZCam, EZCam 1080p, Mini WiFi Camera and 1080p PT Cam. Outdoor cameras now compatible include Sight 180 Outdoor, Outdoor Cam and Outdoor Cam Pro.

How do I view Zmodo cameras on Android?

From your Android device: Access Google Play, and download Zviewer. From a computer: Go to:, and download Zviewer. Connect your phone to the computer, copy the contents of this file to your phone’s SD card, and install as prompted. Locate the Zviewer application and tap to launch.