Can you quote within a paraphrase?

Can you quote within a paraphrase?

Can you quote within a paraphrase?

When you use your own words to convey information from an original source, you are paraphrasing. While paraphrases do not require quotation marks, they do require citations. Be sure to change both the words and word order of the original source in order to avoid plagiarism.

Can you combine a paraphrase with a quote?

If using a mixture of a paraphrase and a direct quote, be sure to a) use direct quotes around the part of the sentence that is quoted and b) add a citation at the end of the mixed quote-paraphrase.

How do you separate parts of a quote?

Ellipsis points are used to represent an omission from a direct quotation when it is cited by another writer. This series of three dots—with a space before, after, and between them ( . . . )—is inserted where a word, phrase, sentence (or more) is left out.

How do you separate two quotes in an essay?

Start the quotation on a new line, with the entire quote indented 1/2 inch from the left margin while maintaining double-spacing. Your parenthetical citation should come after the closing punctuation mark. When quoting verse, maintain original line breaks.

How do you paraphrase correctly?

To paraphrase effectively, don’t just take the original sentence and swap out some of the words for synonyms. Instead, try: Reformulating the sentence (e.g., change active to passive, or start from a different point) Combining information from multiple sentences into one.

Can you paraphrase and quote in the same sentence APA?

Instead, when paraphrasing a key point in more than one sentence within a paragraph, cite the source in the first sentence in which it is relevant and do not repeat the citation in subsequent sentences as long as the source remains clear and unchanged.

How do you quote a split sentence?

Sometimes when you pull a sentence out of a larger text, you will need to add words or phrases for the quote to make sense to the reader. Place brackets around any words you add to clarify. The brackets might replace unclear words (e.g. it, them, this, they) or add context to the quote.

How do you quote partial sentences?

Put a quotation mark at the end of partial quote if it’s continued at the start of the next paragraph. 10. Punctuation usually goes inside the quotation marks. The exceptions are sentences in which a question mark, exclamation point, dash or semicolon applies to the whole sentence.

How do you separate multiple quotes in a sentence?

‘” When multiple quotation marks are used for quotations within quotations, keep the quotation marks together (put periods and commas inside both; put semi-colons, colons, etc., outside both).

How do you put two quotes next to each other?

In American English, use double quotation marks for quotations and single quotation marks for quotations within quotations. In British English, use single quotation marks for quotations and double quotation marks for quotations within quotations.

How do you quote a quote within a quote?

Use single quotation marks to enclose quotes within another quotation. The reporter told me, “When I interviewed the quarterback, he said they simply ‘played a better game. ‘”

How to paraphrase a quotation?

An Effective Method of Paraphrasing a Quotation: 1 Carefully read the original quotation and make sure to understand its central idea. 2 Note down anything that grabs your attention. 3 If there are any words, ideas, or meanings that are unclear, look them up. 4 Write a paraphrase in your own words.

What is the paraphraser?

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How do you paraphrase APA style?

APA style prefers you paraphrase information from other sources, and that you keep direct quotations to a minimum. Paraphrases are restatements of written or spoken language in your own words. Do not add your opinions in the middle of paraphrasing or summarizing unless it is clear your ideas are not the original author’s.