Did any Celtic fans died in the Ibrox disaster?

Did any Celtic fans died in the Ibrox disaster?

Did any Celtic fans died in the Ibrox disaster?

To this day, it is the deadliest football stadium disaster in Scotland and the ninth worst in the world. Detail from the death entry of one football supporter who died at the Ibrox disaster in Glasgow, 2nd January 1971.

What happened at Ibrox Stadium in 1971?

51 years ago, a pile-up in Ibrox stadium led to the deaths of 66 football fans leaving an Old Firm game, a tragic moment in time that the city will never forget. On January 2 1971, Scottish football was changed forever after 66 football fans leaving Ibrox stadium were crushed to death at an Old Firm game.

Who was the youngest victim of the Ibrox disaster?

The loss also included 31 teenagers, including the only female victim Margaret Ferguson of Maddiston in Falkirk, age 18. The youngest child to die was Nigel Patrick Pickup of Liverpool, age 9. Over 200 people were reported to have suffered injuries.

Was Ibrox two disasters?

The Ibrox disaster refers to two accidents, both at football games held at Ibrox Park (now Ibrox Stadium) in Glasgow, Scotland: The 1902 Ibrox disaster was a partial stadium collapse that caused 25 deaths and 517 injuries.

What caused Hillsborough disaster?

March 2015: After six days of questioning, David Duckenfield admits his failure to close a tunnel before opening gate C “was the direct cause of the deaths of 96 people”. Under pressure, he “froze” and failed to consider the consequences of admitting thousands of fans on to already-packed terraces, he told the jury.

Who were the victims of the Hillsborough disaster?


  • In total, ninety-seven people died as a result of injuries incurred during the disaster.
  • Two sisters, three pairs of brothers, and a father and son were among those who died, as were two men about to become fathers for the first time: 25-year-old Steven Brown of Wrexham and 30-year-old Peter Thompson of Widnes.

What happened in the Ibrox disaster 1902?

Ibrox Park had completed construction less than three years before the incident and was hosting its first international fixture, with the crowd estimated to be over 68,000….1902 Ibrox disaster.

The collapsed Western Tribune Stand
Date 5 April 1902
Coordinates 55.8534°N 4.3103°W
Deaths 25
Non-fatal injuries 500+

Who died in Ibrox disaster?

The loss included 31 teenagers, five of whom, Peter Easton, Martin Paton, Mason Phillips, Brian Todd and Douglas Morrison, were from the same village in Fife, alongside nine-year-old Nigel Pickup from Liverpool.

What happened to the Ibrox disaster?

That common bond of loss, grief and unity inspired by the Ibrox Disaster on January 2, 1971 is shared by the Old Firm and the whole of Scotland, and by everyone who has ever been to a match. “For a lot of people leaving the game, the vast majority would have no concept of what they had left behind,” said David Mason, Rangers’ official historian.

Who wrote the song the Ibrox disaster?

The Scottish folk singer-songwriter Matt McGinn (1928–1977) wrote a song called “The Ibrox Disaster” as a tribute to the people who died in the tragic event. For some years after the 1971 disaster, there was only a small plaque at the corner of the ground where it happened.

How are Rangers fans reacting to Celtic’s tribute to Ibrox disaster?

Rangers will mark the 50th anniversary of the Ibrox disaster on Saturday and Gers fans on Twitter have been reacting after Celtic paid their own tribute on social media. The Parkhead side shared the tribute on their official website and social media channels as they reflected on the horrific aftermath of the 1-1 draw between the sides in 1971.

Who are the five lads who went to Ibrox together?

From 9-year-old Nigel Pickup to the five lads from Markinch, Peter Easton, Martin Paton, Mason Phillips, Brian Todd and Douglas Morrison, who went to Ibrox together and never returned. WAYNE ROONEY TO EVERTON IS A JOKE.