Do INFPs make good writers?

Do INFPs make good writers?

Do INFPs make good writers?

Although INFJ and INFP writers are both intuitive, and also emotionally sensitive and highly creative, they tend to approach the creative process of writing differently. Both types experience high sensitivity to any sort of criticism—whether it’s constructive or not—and both also often write slowly.

Are INFJs good writers?

INFJs are often natural writers. We not only have the empathy to understand others, but as Introverts, we enjoy working alone. For many people, the solitude necessary for writing is the hardest part, but for INFJs, it often feels like a sanctuary.

Are INFPs natural writers?

INFPs tend to write long, meandering first drafts, so you’ll likely need to synthesize and cut material later. Save the search for that perfect metaphor until the revision stage. May write in purely abstract terms. INFPs communicate their values and personal vision through their writing.

Why are INFPs such good writers?

They like autonomy so they can perfect their writing according to their own high standards without having to follow someone else’s schedule. Prefer writing about personal topics. You may lose your creative drive if the subject isn’t meaningful to you.

Is INFP similar to INFJ?

On the surface, INFPs and INFJs are very similar. They’re both described as idealistic, moralistic, misunderstood, and empathic, among other things. Because of these shared descriptions, it’s not uncommon for INFJs to mistype as INFPs, and vice versa. I, for one, thought I was an INFJ when I’m actually an INFP.

Are INFP more creative than INFJ?

As a result, INFJs appear more structured, rigid, and analytical, whereas INFPs appear more open, spontaneous, and artistic. That’s because INFJs are “extroverting” their structured side whereas INFPs are “extroverting” their open side. It also means that inwardly INFJs feel more artistic than they appear.