How can I check my Shivaji University Result?

How can I check my Shivaji University Result?

How can I check my Shivaji University Result?

1st Step – Visit the official website of Shivaji University ( 2nd Step – Visit the ‘Exam section” and click on “Online Results”. 3rd Step – The link for the Full Statement of Marks and Result sheet will appear on the screen.

What is PRN number in Shivaji University?

PRN stands for Permanent Registration Number. When a student take admission to any course in Shivaji University or it’s affiliated colleges, then PRN is generated for that student. It is unique for each student.

How can I get my Shivaji University transcript?

Shivaji University usually takes 20 working days to issue transcripts.

  1. Duplicate Mark sheet: Drop us an email at [email protected] to know more about this service.
  2. Documents Required for Duplicate Mark sheet. Drop us an Email at [email protected].
  3. Processing time for Duplicate Mark sheet.

How can I download passing certificate from Shivaji University?

  1. Transfer Certificate.
  2. Transfer/Migration Certificate. • Download the application form from → Examinations → Download.
  3. Duplicate Mark Sheet. •
  4. 4. ( a) Passing / Merit / Rank Certificates.
  5. 4. ( b) Medium of Instructions/Special Certificates/Subject wise Certificate.

How can I check my Shivaji PRN number?

Go to the Shivaji University homepage . Click at Online Forms which is on left side of the page . Click on the link which is for 16 Digit MKCL PRN.

How can I find my Shivaji University PRN number?

Is Shivaji University Wes approved?

Shivaji University WES Verification Established in 1962, Shivaji University is a state university located at Kolhapur, Maharashtra. The university is named after Shivaji, the founder of the Maratha empire. We offer assistance in WES verification from Shivaji University, Maharashtra for Canada and US immigration.