How do I access the 1841 census?

How do I access the 1841 census?

How do I access the 1841 census?

Free access to the 1841 Census You can also access the Ancestry 1841 census records for free on site at The National Archives in Kew. Many libraries also have Ancestry and/or findmypast available for free from within the library.

Was there an 1841 census in Scotland?

The 1841 census was taken on Sunday 6 June under provisions in the Census Act 1840 (3 & 4 Vict c. 99) and Census Amendment Act (4 & 5 Vict, c. 7). In Scotland enumeration duties were carried out by the official schoolmaster in each parish and the sheriff deputes (for counties and stewartries) and provosts (for burghs).

Is there an 1831 Scotland census?

The fourth census of Great Britain (that is England, Scotland and Wales) was taken on Monday 30th May 1831. The returns gave a population of 16.54 million people, an increase of 1.9 million over 1821. There were 2.85 million inhabited buildings, occupied by 3.41 million families.

Is there an 1841 census?

The 1841 census was the first to list the names of every individual, which makes it the earliest useful census for family historians. However, less information was collected in 1841 than in later census years.

How accurate are ages in 1841 census?

In general, the age of a person under 15 is probably accurate to within a year or two. For persons over 15, any age that is not a multiple of 5 is likely also to be accurate – for example, if a person is listed as 27, he or she probably really is 27 or thereabouts, rather than 25.

Is the 1831 census available?

The 1801-1831 censuses are generally neither indexed nor transcribed, making any digitised collection from that era a rare treasure. These censuses were predominantly head counts, taken by Overseers of the Poor to procure an understanding of population growth.

Was there a census before 1841?

The 1841-1911 censuses are the only ones which survive (largely) intact nationwide. Before 1841, only fragments of censuses exist, even though censuses have been taken every ten years since 1801. These census fragments are stored in archives around the country, but there is no single, central reservoir in place today.

What was the parish number in the 1841 census of Scotland?

About 1841 Scotland Census Parish Number Parish Name County 93 Cromdale Moray 167 Seafield Banffshire 324 Aberfeldy Perthshire 367 Kinloch Rannoch Perthshire

What is a full reference for a record in 1841 census?

A full reference for a record in the 1841 census includes, the Parish Number, Enumeration District Number, Entry Number (Page Number), Parish Name, County Name, and the Census Year.

Where can I find the census data for Scotland?

The National Records of Scotland carries out the census every 10 years. You can access census records from 1841 to 1911 on the Scotland’s People website, for a fee. Some free census data is also available at FreeCEN.

Where can I find pre-1841 population listings in Scotland?

The Scottish Association of Family History Societies’ website includes an inventory of published pre-1841 population listings.