How do I configure sFlow?

How do I configure sFlow?

How do I configure sFlow?

  1. switch# configure terminal. switch(config)#
  2. switch(config)# feature sflow. Displays the enabled and disabled features.
  3. switch(config)# show feature. Copies the running configuration to the startup.
  4. switch(config)# copy running-config. startup-config.
  5. switch# configure terminal.
  6. switch(config)# copy running-config.

What is sFlow protocol?

sFlow, short for “sampled flow”, is an industry standard for packet export at Layer 2 of the OSI model. sFlow was originally developed by InMon Corp. It provides a means for exporting truncated packets, together with interface counters for the purpose of network monitoring.

What is sFlow agent?

The sFlow Agent is a software process that runs as part of the network management software within a device (see Figure 2). It combines interface counters and flow samples into sFlow datagrams that are sent across the network to an sFlow Collector.

What is sFlow data?

sFlow is a multi-vendor, packet sampling technology used to monitor network devices including routers, switches, host devices and wireless access points. sFlow is an embedded technology – it is implemented through dedicated hardware chips embedded in the router/switch.

What is sFlow sampling rate?

The sflow sample command sets the packet sampling rate. Packets are sampled at random intervals to avoid inaccurate sampling of periodic events. A rate of 16384 corresponds to an average sample of one per 16384 packets. The default rate is 1048576 .

What is difference between NetFlow and sFlow?

The most notable difference of SFlow vs NetFlow is that SFlow is network layer independent and has the ability to sample everything and to access traffic from OSI layer 2-7, while NetFlow is restricted to IP traffic only. Does not capture any packets.

Which is better NetFlow or sFlow?

Choosing Between NetFlow and sFlow In many ways, sFlow provides a more comprehensive picture of network traffic, because it includes the full packet header, from which any field can be extracted, where NetFlow typically contains only a subset of those fields. sFlow also typically places less load on network devices.

What is SFlow polling?

Polling refers to the device gathering various statistics for the network interfaces configured for sFlow monitoring and exporting the statistics to the configured sFlow collector.