How do I contact Poland Embassy in India?

How do I contact Poland Embassy in India?

How do I contact Poland Embassy in India?

Poland Embassy in Delhi, India

  2. 50-M, Shantipath, Chanakyapuri.
  3. +91 11 4149 6900.
  4. +91-11-2687-1914 , +91-11-2687-2033.
  5. [email protected].
  6. 08:15 am – 04:15 pm.

How do I book an appointment at Poland Embassy?

In order to register a visa appointment:

  1. Call the number: +234 809 650 6113 (we do not answer text messages, voice messages and e-mails).
  2. The registration will be available only on the following days: 08/10, 15/10, 22/10, 29/10, 05/11 from 9.00 am until slots are full.
  3. The number of slots is limited.

Is Poland VFS open in India?

Our Poland Visa Application Centre in Kolkata, India has resumed operations for accepting National Visa applications. For more details, please visit or the Embassy/Consulate website.

How can I get appointment for Poland Embassy in India?

Book an appointment to visit the Visa Application Centre: To visit the Visa Application center you should schedule the appointment. You can book the appointment online or by calling our Helpline. Please read the security regulation notice before visiting the Centre.

How can I get Poland Embassy appointment in India?

Is Poland visa open?

โ€œPoland Visa Application Centres in Brest, Grodno and Minsk (Belarus) are accepting long-term visa for work, visa for Pole Cardholders and short-term Schengen visa for international drivers, and Ukraine have resumed accepting long term and short-term visa applications,โ€ the notice reads.

When Poland VFS open in India?

Poland in India We are happy to announce start of our cooperation with VFS Global. From 13th of December 2019 all applicants can submit their visa application forms at the VFS visa application centers (VAC) in Delhi and in Mumbai. On the 8th of January 2020 next VACs will be opened.

How can I get Poland embassy appointment in India?

Is VFS Poland Open in India?

Is Poland issuing work permit now?

Immigration UA provides official Poland work permit which allows you to get a Work Visa D 6 visa for multiple entries valid for 1 year. To obtain a work visa D, you need to submit your application to the embassy of Poland in your home country.