How do I know if I need an energy audit?

How do I know if I need an energy audit?

How do I know if I need an energy audit?

A clear cut sign that you should get a home energy audit is if there are a lot of spider webs around the house, especially in areas that are connected to the outside. One example of where this is usually a problem is at the top of the foundation wall in a basement.

What is a level 3 energy audit?

A Level 3 audit builds on the findings and recommendations of a Level 2 audit by offering a more in-depth engineering analysis of potential changes. Detailed gathering of data in the field is conducted, and that data is analyzed more intensely for areas of improvement and potential costs.

What is the difference between an energy audit and an energy assessment?

The purpose of a home energy assessment, also known as a survey or energy audit, is to pinpoint where and how a home is losing energy, which systems are working inefficiently and what cost effective measures can be put in place to rectify the situation.

What is level1 audit?

A Level 1 audit generally identifies low or no-cost energy savings opportunities and can help facility managers prioritize their most pressing or glaring energy issues. This type of audit is usually done to identify any “low hanging fruit” conservation measures but is not sufficient for larger efficiency solutions.

How do I choose an energy auditor?

How to Select a Good Energy Auditor

  1. Talk to 2 or 3 companies and select the best one.
  2. Ask for Resumes of who will actually be onsite.
  3. Ask for sample energy audits from the company.
  4. Ask for References of some jobs they have done recently.
  5. Use a decision tool.

What is included in a home energy audit?

To start, the auditor examines past energy bills, researches your personal energy use and does a room-by-room examination of the house looking for air leaks, energy drains and check walls for insulation and attic door insulation. Professional audits for homes will include a blower door test and a thermographic scan.

What is done during an energy audit?

While conducting their walk-through, they will analyze specific elements that contribute to your home’s or business’s overall energy efficiency. The auditor will analyze the heating and cooling systems, or HVAC system, and your insulation levels, including the basement and exterior attic walls.