How do I program my Panasonic KX t7731?

How do I program my Panasonic KX t7731?

How do I program my Panasonic KX t7731?

Programming one-touch dialing depends on the type of your main unit. If you have a KX-TA624, push the “Program” button. Press either “CO” followed by “2,” or the “Program Feature” button. If you have a KX-TA1232, push the “Program” button and dial “99.” Push either the “CO” or “Program Feature” button, and dial “2.”

Does Panasonic KX dt543 have Do Not Disturb?

ON – Press Intercom, FWD/DND, enter 2 165 and #, then SP-Phone OFF – Press FWD/DND, (you can also then use the FWD/DND button as a toggle on/off to voicemail).

How do I turn off Do Not Disturb on my Panasonic KX t7730?

To cancel FollowMe, press 8 followed by your extension number. To cancel call forwarding or the Do Not Disturb function, press 0.

Does Panasonic have a do not disturb mode?

How to set up do not disturb on Panasonic NS700

  • Take the handset off the hook.
  • Enter *71.
  • Select which dial key setting you prefer. Press 0 for both external and internal call, or. Press 1 for external calls only, or.
  • To enable Do not disturb, dial 1; To cancel do not disturb, dial 0.
  • After tone, hang up the handset.

Does Panasonic phone have Do Not Disturb mode?

These instructions are for programming the base unit Night/Silent mode, using the telephone handset to program. Press [ MENU # * 2 3 8 ]. Press the arrow up ▲ or down ▼ button to select the desired setting. Press [ SAVE ].

How do you remove Do Not Disturb on Panasonic phone?

Use 73 to toggle DND off and on. It is that simple!

What does FWD DND mean?

Do Not Disturb
1.3.1 Call Forwarding (FWD)/Do Not Disturb (DND)

How do I add extensions to my Panasonic KX T7730?

Press “Program” “CO button” “1” “Extension Number” “Store” or “Program” “CO Button” “2” “9 + Phone Number” “Store”. A “9” must be entered at the beginning of a phone number to tell your phone system to seize an outside line before dialing, e.g., “9-1-212-555-1234.”