How do you beat Roxie in Black 2?

How do you beat Roxie in Black 2?

How do you beat Roxie in Black 2?

Gym Leader Battle – Roxie It’s recommended that your Magnemite’s a level or two higher. Don’t start with Magnemite, but instead use it against Whirlipede when you face it. Use all your other Pokemon first to deal Koffing damage until it’s defeated.

Where do you fight Kyurem in Pokemon Black 2?

In the normal forest area, go east, then north to reach some stairs up to a cave. Inside the cave, keep going north until you reach Ghetsis. There will be some long cutscenes (but they’re worth watching!) and then you will be face to face with Kyurem!

How do you get to the third gym in Pokemon White?

The Castelia City Gym is the 3rd gym in Pokémon Black and White. It is a honey maze gym with picutres around it. To get around it, the player character must push though the light yellow walls, and click the buttons to unlock the doors.

What level is Roxie?

The first new gym we know about is the Poison-type Gym run by the Gym Leader Roxie….

Leader Roxie Koffing Whirlipede
Battle Type Single Battle Items Level 16 Level 18
Levitate Poison Point

What level are Roxie Pokemon?

She has a level 14 Venipede and a level 14 Koffing. After you defeat the drummer and guitarist, you can talk to Roxie to challenge her. She has a level 16 Koffing and a level 18 Whirlipede. When you win, you get the Toxic Badge.

How do you beat Ghetsis?

Best way to defeat Ghetsis.

  1. Get yourself a Bisharp.
  2. Load up on X-Boosting Items.
  3. Ghetsis will start with Cofagrigus. Throw Bisharp at him.
  4. Since Cofagrigus has Toxic and Psychic, which Bisharp is immune to, and Protect.
  5. Sweep his entire team.

Where is the 3 Gym Leader?

Veilstone City
Maylene is the third gym leader in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, and she’s a fighting-type specialist in Veilstone City.