How do you count page views?

How do you count page views?

How do you count page views?

“Page Views” is a fairly generous measurement. If you land on a page, that’s a pageview. If you reload that same page, it counts as another. If you leave the page and come right back, it’s yet another pageview—all from the same page and user.

How do I remove the view count in WordPress?

There are no options in the settings to disable post view counter meta….2 Answers

  1. If the theme provides a CSS class enabling targeting of the view count as rendered, to make it disappear via CSS;
  2. If the theme provides a filter for rendering the view count, make it disappear with a custom function;

How do I get a visitor count in WordPress?

Go to Insights » Reports from your admin panel and click on the Real-Time option at the top. Now you can see the number of active users on your site at any given moment, their geographic locations, the pages they’re viewing, and more.

How many views does my WordPress site have?

Under the Overview Report tab, you can see a lot of info about the site traffic coming to your WordPress website. You can see a visual graph of the number of sessions and pageviews your site has gotten over a certain period of time. And, you can set this time range to be 7 days, 30 days, or a custom time range.

How do I see stats on my WordPress site?

Make sure that you’re logged in to your WordPress website. Then visit any page or post on your website and simply click the Insights option in the admin bar. This will open up the stats for your post or page. You can view how many pages views it got, the time on page people spend, its bounce rate, entrances, and exits.

How do I see post view count in WordPress?

How to count post views in WordPress using Post Views Counter plugin

  1. First of all, as usual, you need to install and activate the Post Views Counter plugin.
  2. Next, move to Settings => Post Views Counter.
  3. Switch to the Display tab.
  4. When you’ve done, this is what you will get:

Does your own views count on WordPress?

If your WordPress website is hosted on and it is a private blog, then yes, WordPress does count your own views in your WordPress stats. There are other Analytics platforms that can be synced to your WordPress website that will count your own page views in your stats as well.

Why can’t I see stats on WordPress?

To view the stats for your individual posts, you’ll need to visit Posts » All Posts from your dashboard. Similarly, you’ll need to go to Pages » All Pages to view the stats for your individual pages. Now, you can see an Insights column added on your WordPress Posts/ Pages screen.

How do I display the views count in WordPress?

Click the Save Changes button and see how it looks like. Here’s how it looks like in a default WordPress theme, Twenty Seventeen. It will also be displayed on your archive pages (blog, categories, etc.). You can also display the views count manually by adding a shortcode in a post or page:

How do I enable page view count in the plugin?

Usage 1 Install and activate the plugin 2 Go to WordPress Settings menu > Page View Count Menu 3 Activate Page Views Count and use the options box settings to make the desired configuration 4 Be sure to clear any caching and browser cache to see your Page Views Count

How do I add a page view counter to a post?

Using the Gutenberg Editor. Use the Page View Count Block to add the counter to any page or post content. Block search for ‘Page Views’ or selecting the block from the a3rev Blocks menu. Adding the Page Views block to your content automatically deactivates the Global Page View counter on the post or page.

Where can I find the global page view count meta?

If you are using the new Gutenberg editor once Page View Count is turned on from the plugins settings page the Global Page View Count meta will show under the sidebar Document Tab. Page View Count can be added to anywhere in your content by doing a block search for ‘Page Views’ or selecting the block from the Common Blocks menu.