How do you use spray cards?

How do you use spray cards?

How do you use spray cards?

Treat the cards exactly like you treat the bumper:

  1. If a wax or grease remover is required for the bumper, use it on the card.
  2. If sanding or scuffing is needed on the bumper, do the same to the card.
  3. If an adhesion promoter is applied to the bumper, do the same to the card.
  4. If you prime the bumper, prime the card.

When should a spray-out test card be made?

Once the basecoat is dry, apply clearcoat to half of the card. Option Three – Vehicle Method: making a spray-out card can be done during the paint process by taping a test card to an adjacent panel or a paint stick and spraying it while spraying the refinish area.

What does spray out mean?

5 to discharge (a liquid) from an aerosol or atomizer.

What is spraying in street racing?

No, it’s not an emergency bathroom situation, nor something to have your minds in the gutter about. The Spray and Dump is a technique used by experienced bracket racers to try tricking their opponent into making a mistake at the finish line.

What does it mean to spray someone?

To cover, coat, or soak someone or something with a stream of some mist or liquid.

What do they spray in blower cars?

De-icer, when the alcohol is introduced in the injector above the blower it is so cold that it can form frost on the throttle blades and shaft, a quick spray of de-icer and the throttle will continue to work smoothly.

What is spraying a cat?

Spraying is the deposition of small amounts of urine on vertical surfaces. In most cases, the spraying cat will back into the area, the tail may quiver, and with little or no crouching, will urinate.

What do they spray in the supercharger?

This spray is a formulated gel Teflon lube that is sprayed into your roots or screw supercharger and actually sticks to the rotors and nitro or alch. does not wash it off. This spray after being applied actually helps seal up the blower inside making better boost numbers.

Does spraying cats with water work?

Spraying your cat with water can have long-term negative effects. On top of the physical discomfort, spraying your cat with water doesn’t actually teach your cat better behaviors and could end up seriously confusing her.

What do they spray in the intake of a blower car?