How do you use urns in God of War 2?

How do you use urns in God of War 2?

How do you use urns in God of War 2?

In order to get this Trophy, you need to start a second playthrough (aka Bonus Play). You can skip cutscenes to when you gain control of Kratos. Then go to the menu and press L1 or R1 until you see where your Urns of Power are. Simply enable 2 of them and the Trophy is yours.

How do I get the urn of Poseidon?

f. Urn of Poseidon – Unlock Challenge of the Titans by beating the game on any difficulty, then from there, beat CotT with a ranking of Spartan or better to recieve the Urn of Poseidon.

How do you get the three chests in God of War 2?

You move out to another hall at the far end of which is a trio of chests positioned high. There is a destructible eagle statue on top of the block that you’ll have to break before you’re able to jump on the box. Move the block in front of the wall and you can use it to jump up to the chests.

How do you unlock costumes in God of War 2?

Dark Odyssey – Complete on « God » mode. General Kratos – Collect 20 Cyclops eyes. God Armor (doubles stats) – Get a God ranking in Challenge mode.

Where is the Urn of the Gorgons?

Bog of the Forgotten
Urn of the Gorgons Location: Bog of the Forgotten. How to Get: Once obtaining the Golden Fleece, return to the Ruins of the Forgotten, and go to the area with the conveyor belts, a Fates Statue, and Gorgon Gazing wall statues.

What is God of War 2 bonus?

Bonus Play was first implemented in God of War II. This extra game mode allows the player to replay the game on the same difficulty it has been beaten before (or lower). … If the player discovers an urn during Bonus Play, he is able to activate it instantaneously.

How do you get the urn of fates?

Urn of the Fates How to Get: Achieve an overall ranking of “Mortal” or better in Challenge of the Titans.

How do you get 20 Cyclops eyes in gow2?

Ways to obtain an eye Near the entrance of the Palace of the Fates, some Beast Lords are summoning Cyclops. If Kratos doesn’t kill them, they will continue using their horn to call more Cyclops, allowing him to obtain the 20 eyes, killing the giants.

What is an urn in God of War 2?

In God of War II it’s a Magical item, found in hidden chests throughout the game that grant special abilities during Bonus Play through of the game on the same difficulty or lower. The following is a list of Urns found in the game and their effects.

Where can I find the urn of the Gorgons?

URN OF THE GORGONS: This urn is hidden in the Bog of the Forgotten, but you must wait until you have acquired the Golden Fleece from Cerberus. Once you have the Golden Fleece, return to the area with the Gorgon beam conveyor belt. To return there, walk along the left side of the Temple of Euryale to reach the Ruins of the Forgotten.

Where is the urn of Gaia in God of War 2?

God of War II – Urn Locations. URN OF GAIA: This urn can be found in Rhodes, in the Rhodes Palace area which is reached following the second Colossus fight. In the area with the two gates and push button, find the griffin statue and drag it over to the pressure sensitive button on the floor just before the pair of gates.

Where can I find the urn of the Titans?

The Urn is within the chest. Remark: -Whatever the amount of Rage the player have (Even if it is 0), The urn won’t make the meter decrease. -If the player choose “Infinite Rage of The Titans” in Arena of The Fates, The game will enable the urn.