How long does it take to recover from a broken collarbone surgery?

How long does it take to recover from a broken collarbone surgery?

How long does it take to recover from a broken collarbone surgery?

In general, recovery is similar to treating a broken clavicle without surgery with return to normal activity around three months or so and full recovery up to six to 12 months after surgery.

Is collarbone surgery serious?

A complication of surgery can be worse than the original injury, and while these complications may be uncommon, there might not be a reason to take the risk. Secondly, surgical hardware used to repair a clavicle fracture often has to be removed at some point down the road.

When is surgery needed for a broken collarbone?

Surgery. Surgery might be required if the fractured collarbone has broken through your skin, is severely displaced or is in several pieces. Broken collarbone surgery usually includes placing fixation devices — plates, screws or rods — to maintain proper position of your bone during healing.

Is collarbone surgery painful?

You may have some pain after your procedure, but pain medicine may help to reduce the pain. You should be able to resume a normal diet fairly quickly. You will probably need an imaging procedure, like an X-ray, to make sure that your surgery was successful.

How do you sleep after collarbone surgery?

Sleep on an Incline. Do not sleep flat on your back. Sleeping on an incline for 4-6 weeks after surgery is best. For the first week or two, a recliner may be the most comfortable option. Purchasing a 45 degree wedge from a medical supply store can also provide a stable base to prop yourself up in the bed.

How do they fix a broken collarbone?

Most heal well with ice, pain relievers, a sling, physical therapy and time. But a complicated break might require surgery to realign the broken bone and to implant plates, screws or rods into the bone to hold the bone in place during healing.

How do you sleep with a broken collarbone?

Using extra pillows to prop yourself up when sleeping with a broken clavicle can help relieve pain. Sleeping in a more upright position may be more comfortable and allow for a better rest. You may also find it more comfortable to use pillows to prop up the arm on the side of your body with the fracture.

Can broken collar bone cause problems later in life?

A Collarbone Fracture is not life threatening but can impact a patient’s quality of life and function. Short Term – to pain, sleep disturbance and disability. Long Term – to malunion or non-union, that can result in ongoing pain and loss of function .

How do you shower with a broken collarbone?

It is ok to shower or sponge bathe 2 days after surgery but you must keep your shoulder incisions clean and dry at all cost! This usually entails using saran wrap or press and seal to waterproof your shoulder. 3. Do not submerse your shoulder in water – no bathtubs, swimming pools, jacuzzi’s.

Is it OK to sleep on side with broken collarbone?

Holding the broken bone above your heart prevents blood from pooling and causing swelling. First, try sleeping on your back while supporting yourself on several pillows. If this doesn’t help, adjust slowly to the side position if possible.

Can you shower with a broken collarbone?

How long does it take to heal a broken collarbone?

In adults, it usually takes about 6 to 8 weeks for a broken collarbone to heal, although it can take longer. In children, it usually takes about 3 to 6 weeks to heal. However, it will take at least the same period again to restore full strength to your shoulder. While the fracture heals, a lump may develop along your collarbone.

When is surgery necessary for a broken collarbone?

Usually there are no limitations once the fracture heals. Most patients have full range of motion and can return to activities with no limitations. Some fractures can take six to nine months to heal. If the fracture does not heal, surgery may be necessary.

How to know if a broken collarbone is healing?

use extra pillows at night to keep yourself more upright if you find sleeping uncomfortable

  • use ice packs and painkillers if pain and swelling continues while your arm is in a sling
  • move your elbow,hand and fingers regularly as soon as it’s comfortable to do so
  • How painful is breaking your collarbone?

    Your clavicle, or your collar bone, goes from the top of your breastbone to your shoulder blade, so a fracture can cause an intense amount of pain in your upper body. If you think you have a broken clavicle, you should see a medical professional right away to make sure it heals properly.