How much does a Fanatec steering wheel cost?

How much does a Fanatec steering wheel cost?

How much does a Fanatec steering wheel cost?

The Fanatec CSL Elite starts out at $570, but as a highly modular system you could spend plenty more on the steering wheel itself, upgraded pedals, or a separate gearbox and handbrake. As such, the cost can easily spiral above $1,000 before you even make the jump to the higher-end Clubsport wheel base.

Where is Fanatec located?

Fanatec products are developed in Germany, produced in Asia and are sold globally in our Fanatec online web shop. We develop controllers, racing wheels, pedals, cockpits, and connecting accessories for the latest consoles and PC hardware.

Can you use Thrustmaster pedals with Fanatec wheel?

Most simulation games on Windows PCs will allow you to use combinations like: Logitech wheel, Thrustmaster shifter and Fanatec pedals for example. Since Fanatec provides USB solutions for more or less every kind of hardware (shifter/handbrake by USB adapter, USB pedals, USB wheels, etc.)

Is a Fanatec steering wheel worth it?

The feel, the smoothness and the force feedback of the Fanatec are just far superior. For those that take their sim racing somewhat serious, this is a great wheel to get started with. For those that don’t take sim racing serious and just want a wheel to get by on, this wheel is overkill.

Do Fanatec have sales?

“Fanatec usually does not run sales or special prices throughout the year. There is one day per year when they sell products at a discount, and this is Black Friday.

Can you use a Fanatec wheel on PS4?

All of the above combinations of racing wheels/wheel bases and steering wheels are compatible to the PlayStation®4 (PS4™) system, as the PlayStation®4 specific electronics are embedded in the wheel base. All shown products are also compatible to PC.

Is Fanatec in Australia?

This is where all their customer service, sales, marketing and PR is managed. In addition to this, Fanatec also operates warehouses in North America, Australia, Europe and Japan where orders are distributed from, as well as local repair centres.