How much does Pentakill viego cost?

How much does Pentakill viego cost?

How much does Pentakill viego cost?

1350 RP
He will join the band as a special guest. Dissonance of Pentakill Viego is an Epic type skin, costing 1350 RP ($10).

Is Muse Sona rare?

Muse Sona is a simple skin that is done in the most elegant way possible. As her name suggests, she is based on one of the muses from Greek mythology. Terpsichore, to be precise….Muse Sona Skin Information.

Animations No new animations
Rarity semi-rare
Release date 20/09/2010

Is viego in Pentakill?

Viego has officially joined Pentakill as the group’s newest guitarist. He’ll likely vent out his frustration with recently losing his long-lost love while his guitar gently weeps. Yorick, Kayle, Olaf, Mordekaiser, Sona, and Karthus haven’t been left in the past, though.

When did Pentakill Sona come out?


Name RP ReleaseDate
Guqin Sona 975 2012-01-10
Silent Night Sona 520 2010-12-14
Muse Sona 975 2010-09-21
Pentakill Sona 975 2010-09-21

What is a pentakill skin in League of Legends?

Pentakill skins for League of Legends are the skins released with the Pentakill theme. Skins released with this theme are Pentakill Yorick, Pentakill Sona, Pentakill Olaf, Pentakill Mordekaiser, Pentakill Karthus. Most of the skins are now Legacy skins, some are still regular league of legends skins. more info.

When will the new Pentakill skins be released?

Presently, the Crime City skin line has been released, which has been anticipated for a long time now. The new Pentakill skins definitely fall on the same hype train as gamers have been excited about these since the announcement. The latest album of Pentakill is going to drop on August 9.

What are the new Pentakill III lost chapter skins?

The champions getting new Pentakill III Lost Chapter skins are Mordekaiser, Yorick, Karthus, Kayle, Sona, Olaf and the newest addition to the band, Viego. Here is a look at the seven new Pentakill III Lost Chapter skins coming to League of Legends.

What is Pentakill?

Each member of the band has a skin corresponding to their Pentakill alter-ego, which is styled after modern heavy metal music. In a realm consecrated to dark and uncaring gods, where mortals clash in ceaseless, bloody sagas of metal, one band rose above all others: Pentakill, chosen of the Noisome Host.