How much health does Illidan have TBC?

How much health does Illidan have TBC?

How much health does Illidan have TBC?

Illidan will gain 100,000 health for every target that is affected by this. Parasitic Shadowfiend: Deals 3000 Shadow damage every 2 sec. for 10 sec. This also summons a Parasitic Shadowfiend at the end of the duration of the damage over time spell.

Was Black Temple a 40 man?

Black Temple is a 25-person raid dungeon located in Shadowmoon Valley.

How many tanks do you need for Black Temple TBC?

Mother Shahraz Strategy for Black Temple in Burning Crusade Classic. This fight is pretty simple and does not have too much going on. Three tanks are required in order to split the damage from Saber Lash to make sure it does not one-shot a single or double tank setup.

Can Warglaives drop Timewalking?

Demon Hunters can transmog Warglaive of Azzinoth through the item Arsenal: The Warglaives of Azzinoth, which can only be acquired during Black Temple Timewalking: Have Warglaives of Azzinoth with any character on the account.

Can a bear tank Illidan?

Bears can definitely do it. Exactly the same as rogues can, actually. Corpsetwo: The 101.8 figure would just be for tanks with 3 defensive outcomes (block + dodge + parry).

Who should tank Illidan?

For Illidan your raid will need multiple tanks each for different parts of the fight. You will need one “normal” tank with physical mitigation (Warrior or Paladin are good choices), two tanks with capped fire resistance (can be Warrior, Paladin, or Druid), and one Warlock tank with capped shadow resistance.

Is there a 25 man Black Temple?

Is supremus immune to fire?

Comment by 132483 Something to note is that Supremus is very fire resistant.

Do tanks need fire resist for Illidan?

Illidan is the last fight of classic Tier 6 and requires four tanks: one traditional tank (either a Warrior or a Paladin, but they must be a shield-tank with Shield Block/Holy Shield), two offtanks in capped fire resistance, and a warlock tank in capped shadow resistance.

Can you do Kara with 2 healers?

If you have a solid 2 healers for Kara that know what they’re doing and have decent gear, you can easily do Kara with just 2 healers so you can down the bosses faster.

Can you Transmog Warglaive of Azzinoth Shadowlands?

While Warriors, Rogues, Death Knights, Monks, and Demon Hunters can wield the Warglaives of Azzinoth, only eligible Demon Hunters are able to use the appearance to transmogrify other items. To unlock the appearance for your Demon Hunter, you will need to earn the achievement I’ll Hold These For You Until You Get Out.

What Ilvl does Timewalking raid drop?

Timewalking dungeons drop Item Level 184 loot. You can get Item Level 226 loot from the Black Temple Timewalking raid. Reins of the Infinite Timereaver has a small chance to drop from all Timewalking bosses as Personal Loot. Don’t forget to use the Heart of Azeroth (Essences) and Azerite Gear for Timewalking.