Is Lindsey Way Scottish?

Is Lindsey Way Scottish?

Is Lindsey Way Scottish?

Lindsey Ann Way (née Ballato; born May 21, 1976) commonly known as Lyn-Z, is a Scottish musician and artist. Lindsey Way was born in Dunoon, Scotland. She is best known for being the bassist in American electronic rock band Mindless Self Indulgence.

Is Lindsey way related to Gerard Way?

Gerard Arthur Way (born April 9, 1977) is an American singer, songwriter, and comic book writer. He is best known as the lead vocalist and co-founder of the rock band My Chemical Romance….

Gerard Way
Spouse(s) Lindsey Ballato ​ ( m. 2007)​
Children 1
Relatives Mikey Way (brother) Joe Rogan (second cousin)
Musical career

Is Lindsey Way adopted?

I’m not, I was adopted. I’m French and Indian…” / Twitter.

How did LYNZ and Gerard Way meet?

Way met his wife thanks to Linkin Park taking MCR on tour, with Bennington later being one of the few in attendance for Way’s wedding. Since Bennington took his own life on July 20, countless musicians have written and spoken about how talented the Linkin Park singer was.

How tall is Lindsey Way?

5′ 7″Lyn-Z / Height

Does Gerard Way have a child?

Bandit Lee WayGerard Way / Children

Does Mikey Way have a wife?

In February 2016, Way married Kristin Blanford. Together, they have two children, daughters Rowan Louise (b. 2017) and Kennedy James (b. 2019).

Was Gerard Way mentally ill?

During the conversation, Way opened up about his struggles with mental health during his time in My Chemical Romance. In particular, Way detailed his early days in My Chemical Romance and how the sudden success of the band impacted his mental health.

Why did Gerard Way relapse?

Former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way has revealed he relapsed into alcoholism following the band’s final release – 2010’s Danger Days. And the singer says the thought of his daughter growing up without a father spurred him on to tackle his addiction. Way tells NME: “I relapsed, not into drugs, but booze.