Is Series 66 exam hard?

Is Series 66 exam hard?

Is Series 66 exam hard?

Series 66 Exam Difficulty Level This is viewed as a tough exam because it is so broad. It’s recommended that students learn through a variety of methods, such as reading, as well as continuous practice exams. But with Pass Perfect’s proven preparation methods, you’ll be guaranteed to pass the first time.

What does Series 66 include?

The Series 66 examination contents include 100 multiple-choice questions that are scored and 10 pretest questions that are not scored. Candidates have a maximum time of 150 minutes to complete the examination. To obtain a passing score, a candidate must correctly answer 73 of the 100 questions that are scored.

What is a passing grade for the Series 66 exam?

NASAA Online Testing Announcement The exam consists of 100 scored questions. Candidates have 150 minutes to complete the exam. In order for a candidate to pass the Series 66 exam, he/she must correctly answer at least 73 of the 100 scored questions. There is no prerequisite for the Series 66 exam.

Is 65 or 66 Harder?

Is It Harder to Pass the Series 65 or Series 66 Exams? While the pass/fail rate for these exams is not publicly available, many consider the Series 66 exam more difficult than the Series 65 because it is longer. The Series 65 contains 130 questions and the Series 66 has only 100.

Which is the hardest series exam?

The Series 7 exam is by far the longest and most difficult of all the securities exams. It lasts for 225 minutes and covers all aspects of stock and bond quotes and trading; put and call options; spreads and straddles; ethics; margin, and other account holder requirements; and other pertinent regulations.

How long should I study for the Series 66?

It is recommended that the individual spend at least 40 to 50 hours preparing for the exam by reading the textbook, underlining key points, and answering as many practice questions as possible. We recommend that a student schedule their exam no more than one week after finishing their Series 66 exam prep.

What is the series 66 exam?

The Series 66 exam — the NASAA Uniform Combined State Law Examination — is a North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) exam administered by FINRA. The exam consists of 100 scored questions.

Should I take Series 66 before or after Series 7?

Series 66 can be taken either before or after Series 7. Series 66 omits questions related to securities products, securities analysis, and investment strategy that are a significant part of Series 65 and are also covered at greater length and detail in Series 7. You may take Series 66 even if you aren’t currently working for a FINRA member firm.

Does this series fulfill the requirements of the series 63 and 65?

This series fulfills the requirements of both the Series 63 and Series 65. Laws, Regulations, and Guidelines, including Prohibition on Unethical Business Practices For more exam details, including fees and passing score, please visit FINRA.