What does drizzle mean slang?

What does drizzle mean slang?

What does drizzle mean slang?

To urinate
(slang) To urinate.

What is drizzle in cooking?

Refers to the process of pouring a very fine stream of liquid, such as melted butter or a sugar glaze over food for decorative purposes and/or to add flavor. As another example, chocolate syrup is commonly drizzled over ice cream or cake to improve the appearance as well as to add flavor.

What is the synonym of drizzle?

Find another word for drizzle. In this page you can discover 16 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for drizzle, like: sprinkle, rain, downpour, mizzle, cloudy, shower, mist, moisten, overcast, heavy-rain and sleet.

How do you describe drizzle?

Drizzle is a light liquid precipitation consisting of liquid water drops smaller than those of rain – generally smaller than 0.5 mm (0.02 in) in diameter. Drizzle is normally produced by low stratiform clouds and stratocumulus clouds.

How do you use drizzle in a sentence?

There was a drizzle of snow on the high ridges, rain below, and mist everywhere. She was soon soaked by a light drizzle and stretched to keep her stiffening muscles warm. As she watched her life source drizzle into the bladder, she felt a familiar sense of loss. The morning was very misty with slight rain or drizzle .

Is rain a drizzle?

Rain: Precipitation in the form of liquid water drops that have diameters greater than 0.5 millimeter; if less than 0.5 millimeter, it is drizzle. Rain and drizzle are the only forms of liquid precipitation.

How do you drizzle cooking oil?

If you don’t have a cruet, try pouring olive oil into a clean bowl and then use a teaspoon to slowly drizzle the oil over your food. If you are pouring out of an olive oil bottle without access to a cruet, try using your thumb to control the rate of oil your are dispensing.

What is very light rain called?

Drizzle is a term used for a very light, fine rain. The drops tend to be very small and not very dense. Mist is similar to drizzle, only the number of drops in any given area is greater.

What is opposite of drizzle?

Opposite of to rain lightly. collect. downpour. gather. pour.

How do you use the word drizzle?

What’s the difference between rain and drizzle?

If the water droplets are smaller than 0.5mm it’s known as drizzle; 0.5mm or bigger and it becomes rain. Whether rain is termed light, moderate or heavy is not down to the size of the droplets but to the intensity at which it falls.