What does lfsn mean for horses?

What does lfsn mean for horses?

What does lfsn mean for horses?

Live Foal Stands and Nurses
Live Foal Stands and Nurses (LFSN): A condition to a stallion season contract that there is no stud fee due if you do not get a Live Foal that both stands up and nurses the dam.

What is the stud fee for Ghostzapper?

a $200,000
Thoroughbred breeders and bloodstock agents in September when Adena Springs Kentucky announced a $200,000 first-year stud fee for Ghostzapper. The fee is believed to be a North American record for an entering stallion.

What is a broodmare sire?

Broodmare sire: A male horse that produces females that are used for breeding. By: A horse is “by” a certain sire – this term is never used for the dam. Colt: An entire male horse, under 4 years of age, unless gelded.

What does LFG mean in horse breeding?

Live foal guarantee is a common provision in horse breeding contracts. It is a form of a warranty offered to the mare owner by the stallion owner. Basically, it says that if the mare fails to produce a live foal from the breeding, the stallion owner will breed the same mare again without charging another stud fee.

What does slipped a foal mean?

Older mares are over-represented as are those mares with a history of reproductive loss. While many mares will simply ‘slip’ their foal early in gestation, leaving the owner to find the foetus in the paddock, mares aborting later in their pregnancy may need assistance.

What do you call a horses grandfather?

Grandsire and Granddam Just as your grandfather is your father’s father or your mother’s father, a grandsire is the sire of a foal’s sire. While generally, grandsire could refer to the sire of either the mare or stallion that produces a foal, there is another distinction that can be made.

What is a teaser stallion?

A teaser stallion is used at the breeding shed to determine if arriving mares are in estrus and receptive to a stallion. Teaser stallions are also routinely used on broodmare farms for estrus detection in resident mares, traveling from barn to barn via trailering, walking, or riding.

Can you breed a 20 year old mare?

Mares can continue to produce foals well into their late teens or early to mid 20’s. However, mare owners should realize that the prognosis for fertility of an older mare decreases each year.

What does SLF mean in horse breeding?

special live foal
Juddmonte Farms Group (Juddmonte) announced on 31 October 2017 that nine-year-old stallion Frankel’s nomination fees for 2018 had risen from £125,000 per cover to £175,000 per cover for every special live foal (SLF).

What does no foal free return mean?

What does NFFR mean? This means No Foal Free Return which means that we keep serving your mare until we get her in foal even if she has to come back the next year. If for any reason she cannot breed you can transfer the nomination to another mare.