What does Spirax-Sarco do?

What does Spirax-Sarco do?

What does Spirax-Sarco do?

Spirax-Sarco: provides engineered solutions for the design, maintenance and provision of efficient industrial and commercial steam systems (from single products through to complete turnkey bespoke packages)

What industry is Spirax-Sarco?

thermal energy management
Spirax-Sarco Engineering plc is a world-leading thermal energy management and niche pumping group.

How does a Spirax-Sarco steam trap work?

On start-up, incoming pressure raises the disc and cooled condensate, and air is immediately discharged. 2. Hot condensate flowing through the trap releases flash steam. High velocity creates a low pressure area under the disc and draws it towards the seat.

Who owns Sarco?

Spirax-Sarco at last acquired the rights to the United States and Canada when it paid White Consolidated $29.9 million to acquire Sarco Co. With full control of the Sarco brand, Spirax-Sarco continued its expansion through the rest of the decade, establishing itself as the world’s preeminent maker of steam traps.

What is difference between a steam trap and a moisture separator?

Steam Separator Design Centrifugal steam separators also remove condensate from pipelines, with the primary difference between steam separators and traps being separators remove entrained droplets and traps remove coalesced condensate from steam pipelines.

How do I choose a steam trap?

Step 1: Determine discharge requirements of the steam trap application (e.g. hot or subcooled discharge), and select the matching trap type. Step 2: Select trap model according to operating pressure, temperature, orientation, and any other relevant conditions.

What does Sarco mean?

What does sarco- mean? Sarco- is a combining form used like a prefix meaning “flesh.” It is often used in medicine and biology. Sarco- comes from the Greek sárx, meaning “flesh.” Did you know the word sarcasm also comes from this Greek root?

How do you remove moisture from steam?

The water droplets can, however, be removed from the steam using methods such as:

  1. Using a steam separator (moisture separator) to remove suspended droplets from the steam.
  2. Using steam traps for trapping and draining the condensed water.
  3. Insulating the pipes to reduce heat loss.

Where is steam separator installed?

In these types of systems, the separator is installed immediately in front of the steam-using equipment in order to most effectively intercept entrained condensate before the steam is utilized.