What happens if I have a hernia while pregnant?

What happens if I have a hernia while pregnant?

What happens if I have a hernia while pregnant?

Can a hernia during pregnancy or labor hurt my baby? A hernia during pregnancy or labor won’t directly hurt your baby, who’s cozied up inside your uterus, so a small hole in your abdominal wall has no effect on him or her. Even if you feel sore, your baby can’t tell!

Can you give birth with an inguinal hernia?

Most women with hernias can have normal vaginal deliveries. On rare occasions, a hernia can appear during or immediately after labor. This is due to the abdominal pressure required during labor as women push a baby out.

When should I be worried about a hernia during pregnancy?

An umbilical hernia during pregnancy can get worse because of the pressure and weight of carrying a new life. Get emergency care if you have sharp or severe pain, pressure, or vomiting.

Can you have a safe pregnancy with a hernia?

Pregnant women have an increased risk of hernias because of the increased pressure pregnancy puts on the abdomen. If a hernia is causing discomfort during your pregnancy, it can usually be repaired in a surgical procedure with little risk to you or your pregnancy.

Will hernia go away after pregnancy?

Asymptomatic hernias can be repaired, following childbirth or at the time of cesarean section (C-section). Elective repair after childbirth is possible as early as postpartum of eighth week.

Does hernia go away after pregnancy?

A minor hernia that doesn’t inhibit a woman from her normal routine might not warrant immediate surgery. It’s important, though, to keep tabs on your body and report any noticeable changes. Also be aware that most hernias won’t improve on their own, even if you take it easy.

Can you see a hernia on an ultrasound?

Sometimes hernia swelling is visible when you stand upright; usually, the hernia can be felt if you place your hand directly over it and then bear down. Ultrasound may be used to see a femoral hernia, and abdominal X-rays may be ordered to determine if a bowel obstruction is present.

What does groin hernia look like?

Appearance. The hernia will look like a bulge or bump in the scrotum or groin region. Standing or bearing down with force will often make the bulge more noticeable. The bulge typically takes time to appear, but it can form suddenly after coughing, lifting heavy weights, straining, bending, or laughing.