What is a south London accent?

What is a south London accent?

What is a south London accent?

South London Accent is a lower middle class accent, with some distinctive word borrowing from Cockney English. Sounds a little like liverpool to me but with a clearer more distinct pronunciation.

How do you say girl in Cockney?

Ocean Pearl is Cockney slang for Girl.

What is a Roadman slang?

Roadman: Roadman comes from the 21st century slang word, describing a boy (normally at a teenage age) as someone who thoroughly knows the ins and outs of his area, and the people in the area – he will also be involved in popular events such as trapping, driving (cruising), parties etc. -Urban Dictionary.

What does Bunda mean?

buttocks , backside , butt.

Is cockney in South London?

Although Cockney was originally used to refer to East Enders born within ear shot of the bells of Bow Church, it began to be associated with all working-class Londoners, especially those living in South and East of the city. One of the key parts of this fairly unique accent is dropping the ‘h’.

What is mum in Cockney?

Finger and Thumb is Cockney slang for Mum. Commonly shortened to “finger”.

What are the different dialects of London?

Here’s another dialect that is London-based. The ‘Estuary’ in question is the Thames Estuary, and this dialect is spoken by people who live along its stretch. It’s now becoming one of the most widely spoken accents down south. It’s not as posh as RP, but it’s not as ‘common’ as Cockney.

Is it fun to learn different dialects in the UK?

It’s actually a lot of fun, as these dialects vary so much. Good luck! This is one of the UK’s most famous dialects, and it goes hand in hand with London. It came about as the dialect of the London working classes, especially in the poorer East End of the city.

Where can I find out more about British accents and dialects?

The British Library has a fantastic online resource for anyone interest in Britain’s uniquely diverse range of accents and dialects. You can search by county, or by map, to find out how people speak all over the country.

What is the Yorkshire dialect?

Yorkshire is a big county in England, and lots of people speak with a variation of the Yorkshire dialect as a result. Known as ‘God’s Own County’, Yorkshire has a delicious dialect.