What is equivalent to G12 coolant?

What is equivalent to G12 coolant?

What is equivalent to G12 coolant?

G12 coolant’s equivalence is thus: Pentosin SF and Prestone’s Extended Life 5/150 are the coolant replacements for G12. You don’t have to use G12 coolant when you have these two options. Water and ethylene glycol are the main ingredients of antifreeze sold in stores.

What color is G12 antifreeze?

G12 coolant is red or pink and is made up of carboxylate and ethylene glycol. It is used in high-performance engines with operating temperatures of 90-110 degrees. G12 coolant has a service life of 4-5 years. There are 3 different G12 coolants: G12, G12+ (Red), and G12++ (Purple).

Can I use regular antifreeze in my Volkswagen?

So what kind of antifreeze do you use in your VW? It is highly recommended that you don’t use any kind other than the specific Audi/VW G13 or G12 approved antifreeze. Regular, store-bought antifreeze often has chemicals in it that can wear down gaskets and other parts in your system.

Can I use G13 instead of G12?

Summary: The G13 has the same exceptional cooling and antifreeze performance as G12++, but it is manufactured using glycerin. Glycerin is much less harmful to the environment than glycol. The G13 is also excellent for cooling and protection against corrosion and chalk deposits.

Is G12 coolant the same as Dexcool?

GM Dex-Cool, likewise, has OAT chemistry and is equivalent to vw G12.

What can I mix with G12 coolant?

G12 coolant is indeed a VW/Audi-specific coolant, and pink/red when in the jug. The coolant is concentrate and needs to be mixed with 50% distilled water before filling the cooling system.

What is G12 in a car?

G12 is a type of coolant with red or pink color that is based on ethylene glycol and carboxylate compounds, it does not contain silicates and is used on cars from 1996 to 2001. Its service life is 4-5 years, and the density is 1.065 – 1.085 g / cm3 (at 20 ° C or 68 ° F).

What color coolant does VW use?

Volkswagen Engine Coolant Type Volkswagen coolant is always pink or purple in color. Use the same color that your vehicle already has if you’re topping up. If you’d like to switch colors, flush the coolant system completely first before adding the new shade. Approved Volkswagen coolant comes in concentrated form.

What color is G13 antifreeze?

purple/violet colour
Bearing similar exceptional cooling and antifreeze performances as G12++, the G13 boasts a vivid purple/violet colour. The major difference in its manufacture is the preference of glycerin over glycol. The production of glycerin is far friendlier to the environment than of glycol.

What color is G13?

Is Prestone European coolant G12?

This fluid is designed to last 5yrs / 150,000 miles. Includes: Specially formulated to work with vehicles using violet / purple colored fluid; HOAT or G40/G12++, GG40/G13.

Can I use Dex-cool in my VW?

GM Dex-Cool, likewise, has OAT chemistry and is equivalent to vw G12. GM Dex-Cool is roughly $10/gallon or $10 for 4quarts and is available at any auto parts store as the Prestone, Peak, or Zerex brand names. It is dyed either reddish pink or orange depending on manufacturer – either way these two colors can be mixed.

What can I use instead of G12 coolant?

What can I use instead of G12 coolant? There may be an available substitute for G12 coolant, such as Prestone’s Extended Life 5/150, which is said to be phosphate-free. Can you drive with low coolant? The coolant is important in cooling the engine of your car. The fuel and air mixture produces a lot of heat which has to be dissipated.

Where can I buy G12 coolant?

glx4mo. Where can I buy G12 coolant?

  • shuPASSAT. Yes dealer is only place you can get the G12 but you CAN use other brand long as you have ALL the system flushed out.
  • empire. If you are still under warranty pickup G12 from the dealer,otherwise dexcool is a direct replacement.
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  • How to add coolant G12 to your Volkswagen?

    Package Depth (cm): 11.43 cm

  • Package Weight (kg): 4.25 kg
  • Package Depth (in): 4.50 in
  • Package Weight (lb): 9.37 lb
  • Package Height (cm): 28.75 cm
  • Package Width (cm): 18.42 cm
  • Package Height (in): 11.32 in
  • Package Width (in): 7.25 in
  • What is VW G12 coolant?

    – Manufactured to the OE applications – Protects against cavitation and corrosion – Meets ASTM D-3306 and TL 774 F specifications