What is Hinengaro?

What is Hinengaro?

What is Hinengaro?

Taha hinengaro (mental and emotional wellbeing) Taha hinengaro is your mind, heart, conscience, thoughts and feelings. It’s about how you feel, as well as how you communicate and think. Taking care of taha hinengaro is important for everyone, regardless of whether or not you’ve experienced mental illness or distress.

What are the 4 cornerstones of Māori health?

Maori refer to the four cornerstones of well-being: hinengaro (mental well-being), wairua (spiritual well-being), whanau (family well-being) and tinana (physical well-being). All of us who practice old-age medicine and psychiatry would say that we subscribe to these concepts, and strive to practice in this way.

What does Tapa Wha mean?

One model for understanding Māori health is the concept of ‘te whare tapa whā’ – the four cornerstones (or sides) of Māori health. With its strong foundations and four equal sides, the symbol of the wharenui illustrates the four dimensions of Māori well-being.

What is the Meihana model?

The Meihana Model is a framework that facilitates fusion of clinical and cultural competencies to better serve Māori within mental health service delivery. It has six dimensions that interconnect to form a multi- dimensional assessment tool.

What is the meaning hauora?

Hauora is a Māori view of health unique to New Zealand, and covers the physical, mental, social and spiritual needs that everyone has.

What are the four walls of Te Whare Tapa Wha?

The model describes health and wellbeing as a wharenui/meeting house with four walls. These walls represent taha wairua/spiritual wellbeing, taha hinengaro/mental and emotional wellbeing, taha tinana/physical wellbeing and taha whānau/family and social wellbeing.

What are the four winds in the Meihana model of health?

Beyond the initial engagement the Meihana model also includes Ngā hau e wha (colonisation, migration, racism, and marginalisation) describes the four winds that impact Māori; and Ngā roma moana (ocean currents – ahua (personal indicators), tikanga, whenua, whānau) that influence navigation of the engagement with Māori.

What is the meaning of hinengaro?

2. (adjective) be absent-minded, forgetful. Kāore tonu au i te maumahara kei whea ake nei aku mōhiti, he hinengaro makere nōku. / I can’t remember just where my glasses are, I’m so forgetful. 3. (noun) forgetful person, scatterbrain. Kātahi te hinengaro makere ko koe, e hoa. / What a forgetful person you are, my friend.

What is your taha hinengaro and why is it important?

When your taha hinengaro is strong, you can better cope with the ups and downs of life. You can express your feelings and reach out for support from friends, whānau and hoamahi (colleagues) if you need to. Carve out a special moment in your day to do something nice for yourself.

What is hinengaro Makere Ko Koe?

Kātahi te hinengaro makere ko koe, e hoa. / What a forgetful person you are, my friend. 1. (noun) mental health counsellor, mental health practitioner. 1. (noun) psychotherapist. 1. (noun) psychiatric disorder, mental illness.