What is MAPI Exchange?

What is MAPI Exchange?

What is MAPI Exchange?

MAPI is a client protocol that lets users access their mailbox by using Outlook or other MAPI email clients. By default, MAPI access to a user mailbox is enabled. Disabling MAPI access to a mailbox prevents the user from using Outlook to access their mailbox in Exchange mode.

Is MAPI the same as exchange?

When Outlook is configured as a MAPI client, also known as an Exchange client, email is stored in the cloud on Comcast’s secure mail server with a copy on your computer. Messages retained in the cloud are accesible via webmail from any internet connected computer.

Does Outlook still use MAPI?

Simple MAPI is included with Microsoft Windows as part of Outlook Express/Windows Mail while the full Extended MAPI is included with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange.

What protocol does Outlook use for exchange?

The Outlook client connects to this port and is assigned random TCP server ports to communicate with the Exchange server using the MAPI protocol. These MAPI connections are used to send and receive emails, calendaring, address lookup, and more.

Does Outlook for Office 365 use MAPI?

Users with Microsoft Outlook and an Exchange server will almost always use MAPI. Users that utilize other clients like Thunderbird to connect to a free email server or companies that use Office 365 will likely need to use SMTP settings.

What port does MAPI use?

port 135
A typical MAPI connection has the following flow: 1. The client initiates a connection to the Exchange server on port 135.

How do I enable MAPI in Outlook?

Use the new Exchange admin center to enable or disable MAPI Under Mailbox settings > Email apps, click the Manage email apps settings link. In the Manage settings for email apps display pane, do one of the following. To disable MAPI, for the Outlook desktop (MAPI) option, when the button is Enabled, set to Disabled.

What protocol does Outlook use to connect to Exchange?