What is Passenger web?

What is Passenger web?

What is Passenger web?

Passenger® is an app server that runs and automanages your web apps with ease. Also improves security, reliability and scalability.

What is a passenger process?

An instance of an application is called a process. Passenger takes care of starting and stopping your application for you. Every time Passenger starts an instance of your application, it is said that an application process is spawned.

What is passenger used for?

In a nutshell. Phusion Passenger is an open source web application server. It handles HTTP requests, manages processes and resources, and enables administration, monitoring and problem diagnosis. Passenger is very easy to use, makes deploying in production much easier and is scalable.

Is Passenger multi threaded?

Multithreaded scenarios In order to use multithreading you must use Passenger Enterprise. The open source version of Passenger does not support multithreading.

Where is the passenger log file?

By default, the Passenger log file is the global (not the per-vhost) Apache error log file. This is typically located in /var/log/apache2/error_log . You can find out the exact location of the error log by running passenger-config –detect-apache2 .

What is Passenger library?

Welcome to the Passenger Library, a comprehensive online resource about Ruby, Python and Node. js deployment, administration, scaling, high availability and more — through the use of the Phusion Passenger application server. The entire library is open source.

What is passenger nginx?

The Passenger Nginx module registers Passenger-specific configuration options inside Nginx. You, the administrator, configure Passenger by adding Passenger-specific configuration options to the Nginx configuration file. Restart or reload Nginx to apply any configuration changes.

Does passenger use log4j?

Passenger has no components written in Java and thus does not use log4j. As such, it is not affected by the log4j vulnerabilities (CVE-2021-45046 & CVE-2021-44228, or any subsequently discovered issues with log4j).

How do you restart passenger?

Another method to restart an application is by touching the file restart. txt in the application directory’s tmp subdirectory. Once Passenger has noticed that the file’s timestamp has changed, it will restart the application. To many people, this mechanism may seem a little weird, but it was introduced for a reason.

What is passenger for Apache?

It is designed to integrate into the Apache HTTP Server or the nginx web server, but also has a mode for running standalone without an external web server. Phusion Passenger supports Unix-like operating systems, and is available as a gem package, as a tarball, or as native Linux packages.

How do I read a passenger log file?