What is the difference between 16 gauge and 18 gauge staples?

What is the difference between 16 gauge and 18 gauge staples?

What is the difference between 16 gauge and 18 gauge staples?

Staple Gauges and Sizes Staple thickness is measured in gauge; the lower the number the thicker the staple. For example, a 16-gauge staple is thicker than an 18-gauge staple.

Are Bostitch and Swingline staples interchangeable?

Bostitch SB35 staples Interchangeable with Swingline s.f.13, Rapid 23, Kangaro 23 staples.

What are L type staples?

L-Style Collated Narrow Crown Staples A Crown Staple is a large, heavy duty staple for wood trim and finish applications frequently involving bridging butted materials together.

What staples fit Bostitch stapler?

3/8″ inch Staple. 7/16″ Power Crown. Comes with a 1,000 to a pack. Fits Bostitch #PC1000, #PC2K, #PC4000, #PC5000, #H30-8 and True Value #803-745 and #T5-8 staplers.

What kind of staples does a Bostitch stapler use?

Uses STCR2115 staples.

How do you know what size staples to buy?

The default rule is that the staple should be three times longer than the thickness of the material. When fastening hard wood, the staple should be twice as long as the thickness of the wood.

What do staple numbers mean?

Staple sizes are usually displayed as two numbers split with a forward slash i.e. 26/6 or 10/5. The first number indicates in the gauge of wire used in mm. The second number indicates the depth of the leg in mm (also known as the shank length) So 26/6 means the staple has a 26mm gauge and a 6mm shank length.

Do all staplers use the same staples?

Most staplers are rated for a specific size of staple, which is indicated on the stapler itself or on the packaging. When dealing with heavy duty or cartridge staplers you are able to use a variety of sizes, but always remember to use the correct size for the job!

What is L style narrow crown staples?

Answer: An “L” style staple has a 1/4 inch crown. The “N” style staples have a 7/16 inch crown.

Are 7 32 and 1/4 crown staples the same?

there is no differance between a 7/32 inch bostitch narrow crown stapler and the multitude of 1/4 inch narrow crown staplers currently available in reguards to size.