What is the difference between BMW LL01 and LL04?

What is the difference between BMW LL01 and LL04?

What is the difference between BMW LL01 and LL04?

The difference between LL01 and LL04 is that LL04 is formulated for improved exhaust cleanliness. It is a must have for the new BMW clean dielels with particulate filters. There is also some additional additives in it to help keep engine internals even cleaner than LL01 does.

What is BMW LL01 oil?

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. Castrol EDGE Professional BMW LL01 5W-30 is an advanced synthetic SAE 5W-30 high performance engine oil. Co-engineered with BMW, it combines outstanding low temperature fluidity and high load protection.

What viscosity is BMW Longlife 01?

Approved viscosity classes for BMW Longlife 01 are SAE 0w30, SAE 5w30, SAE 0w40 and SAE 5w40.

Should I use Liqui Moly in my BMW?

LIQUI MOLY Special Tec B FE 5W-30 is officially approved for use by BMW for the Longlife-01 FE standard. The “FE” stands for fuel economy which is achieved by lowering the High-Temperature-High Shear viscosity (HTHS viscosity).

Is LL04 compatible with LL01?

Correct, LL01 and LL04 are different specifications. LL04 meets and/or exceeds LL01 and is now interchangeable with LL01. This was not always the case due to the higher sulphur content in North American gasoline. They’ve always been backwards compatible, but saying that LL04 meets the same specs as LL01 is incorrect.

Can I use Castrol EDGE in my BMW?

Yes you can, but… Castrol 0w-30 is a better choice, also BMW 5w-30 or M1 0w-40 are all better oils. Yes, that is fine. You don’t need to run 15,000 mile change intevals, so long life is irrelevant.

Is LIQUI MOLY Molygen fully synthetic?

A fully synthetic LIQUI MOLY specialty with a unique additive technology the powerful MFC (Molecular Friction Control) technology prevents formation of deposits while simultaneously reducing frictional losses. The synergetic effect provides optimum wear protection even under tough operating conditions.

Which LIQUI MOLY for BMW n55?

If you are set on Liqui Moly then use Liqui Moly 2332 Leichtlauf High Tech not Synthetic Longtime High-Tech. It’s BMW LL-01 certified. I run Motul 8100 X-cess and it’s also LL-01 oil.

What does LL04 mean?

Longlife-04 oils. These have been developed to guarantee an optimum service life for the particulate filter in diesel engines. These oils are stipulated for all diesel engines with particulate filter, but may also be used in almost all other BMW engines.

What does BMW Longlife 04 mean?

BMW Longlife 04 oils are Top Tier lower SAPS1 lubricants. They are designed for use in BMW gasoline engines and light-duty diesel engines with our without particulate filters. BMW Longlife 04 oils are typically high HTHS (≥ 3.5cP) SAE 5W-30 and 5W-40 based on API Group III and Group IV base oils.

What is the air-oil separator on a BMW?

When you’re referring to the air-oil separator it can mean different things for different vehicles. In regards to a BMW, you are more specifically speaking in terms of the crankcase ventilation system which is also known as the PCV or CCV valve ( positive crankcase ventilation valve ).

Should I worry about BMW ll01 oil?

Bmw LL01????? Hi there. I took my F 25 diesel for a service at Bmw I saw on the bill that they used BMW ll01 oil and not Bmw ll04 like recommend by the manual. Should I worry???? Yes, you should worry, but about what other recommendations were not followed. Go back and ask them why they didn’t use the correct oil.

Is ll-01 Fe allowed on BMW engines?

With one exception: LL-01 FE (Fuel Economy version) is allowed on some BMW engines. I saw a chart of engines where they allow it, and it covers many engines in the BMW history.

How does an oil separator work?

This works by separating the liquid oil from the air that is inside the engine as well as the intake manifold. When the oil is removed from the intake air, it should then be returned to the oil pan.