What is the hauler good for Elite Dangerous?

What is the hauler good for Elite Dangerous?

What is the hauler good for Elite Dangerous?

The Hauler is a ship manufactured by Zorgon Peterson. Built with a classic shuttle-style design, its relatively large cargo hold and low price make it an excellent light freighter for traders just starting their careers and seeking to upgrade from the Sidewinder MkI.

Is hauler good ship Elite Dangerous?

The Hauler only has one small hardpoint, barely enough for a functioning weapon. It’s probably the least viable combat ship in the entire game. You will want to upgrade ships to something with a bit more combat functionality if you want to survive the inevitable pirate encounters.

Is the adder good Elite Dangerous?

As a combat vessel, the Adder is surprisingly effective in the role. When compared to the Eagle MkII, the Adder is less agile but has far better shielding, an additional utility slot, better armor, and a Class 2 hardpoint, giving it the advantage in both durability and firepower.

What ship has the most cargo space Elite Dangerous?

The Type-9 Heavy is a ship manufactured by Lakon Spaceways. It is the largest of Lakon’s five freighter models, as well as the largest dedicated trading ship.

How much does the hauler cost elite dangerous?


Model Type Cost (CR)
Eagle MkII Combat 44,800
Hauler Freighter 52,720
Adder Multipurpose 87,808
Imperial Eagle Combat 110,830

Is the Keelback a good hauler?

The Keelback has one role it shines in: mining. With its two medium hardpoints, large cargo space, fighter bay for protection and smaller size the Keelback is one of the best ships available for the job and is by far the cheapest ship that is extremely effective in the role.

Is the Type 10 defender any good?

The Type-10 is not only faster than its predecessor, it also has significantly stronger armour, the highest armour rating among all ships on the market, better heat management, double the utility slots, four added large weapon hardpoints, and two Military Compartments, making it a viable warship.