What is the history behind El Salvador?

What is the history behind El Salvador?

What is the history behind El Salvador?

The history of El Salvador begins with several Mesoamerican nations, especially the Cuzcatlecs, as well as the Lenca and Maya. In the early 16th century, the Spanish Empire conquered the territory, incorporating it into the Viceroyalty of New Spain ruled from Mexico City.

Where do El Salvador ancestors come from?

In the early Colonial period, El Salvador was commonly known by the Pipil name of Cuscatlan. Its indigenous inhabitants were descendants of several groups of Mexican migrants who had migrated in the 11th century from the central highland plateau and the Gulf Coast region of Mexico via the Isthmus of Tehuantepec.

Who first discovered El Salvador?

The Spanish conquest and colonization of El Salvador began in 1524 with the arrival of an expedition from Guatemala led by Pedro de Alvarado.

What race is a Salvadoran person?

Ethnically, 86.3% of Salvadorans are mixed (mixed Native Salvadoran and European (mostly Spanish) origin). Another 12.7% is of pure European descent, 1% are of pure indigenous descent, 0.16% are black and others are 0.64%.

What are natives of El Salvador called?

Salvadorans (Spanish: Salvadoreños), also known as Salvadorians (alternate spelling: Salvadoreans), are citizens of El Salvador, a country in Central America.

Who were the indigenous peoples of El Salvador?

Before the Spanish colonial period, El Salvador was inhabited by a sizeable indigenous population. These groups included Lenca, Maya Chorti, Maya Pocomam, Cacopera/Kakawira and Nahua Pipil. Some, like the Lenca, occupied a large territory that also encompassed present day Honduras.

Who are the ancestors of El Salvador?

Indigenous Salvadorans The largest most dominant Native Salvadoran groups in El Salvador are the Lenca people and Pipil people followed by small enclaves of Maya peoples: (Poqomam people/Chorti people), Cacaopera people, Xinca people, Alaguilac people, Mixe people, Mangue language people, as well as an Olmec past.

Why are some Salvadorans white?

White Salvadorans Spaniards began to settle in El Salvador in the mid 1520’s. Some 12.7% of Salvadorans are white. This population is made up of those of Spanish origin, while there are also Salvadorans of French, German, Swiss, English, Irish, and Italian descent.

What is the El Salvador documentary about?

This documentary series tells the story of US government intervention in Central America from the 1950s onwards. The second part of three focuses on El Salvador, and how US policy affected developments in the country.

What happened to El Salvador in the 19th century?

The Federal Republic collapsed in 1839, riven by infighting among the provinces. El Salvador tried to make a go of it with Nicaragua and Honduras in the late 19th century but for all intents and purposes, after 1839, it was on its own. As the 20th century dawned, coffee was now king in El Salvador.

What was the first civilization in El Salvador?

From those first settlers came a series of Pre-Columbian civilizations that left their mark on El Salvador. The first civilization was the Lenca people, who built towns and cities in the area. Then came the first major civilization to develop in Central America, the Olmecs.

What are some interesting facts about El Salvador?

It’s the only country in Central America that is experiencing reforestation rather than deforestation. El Salvador adopted the US dollar as its currency in 2001 and inflation is the lowest in the region.