What is the meaning of station in Bill and Ted?

What is the meaning of station in Bill and Ted?

What is the meaning of station in Bill and Ted?

Station is an alien who can split into identical twins. He plays bongos for the Wyld Stallyns.

Why does Kid Cudi say station in Bill and Ted?

Kid Cudi reveals the booth actually creates infinite Bill and Teds and thus, they can split up and go to each timeline and distribute musical instruments. So, as wormholes open and the song reverberates throughout these many eras, Kid Cudi yells “Station!” as Bill and Ted get everyone playing.

Why is station not on Bill & Ted?

“Station started as a typo.” What happens when you write a movie and then edit the script while drunk? Well, if you’re Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey writer Ed Solomon, it means you make a typo which eventually leads to the lifelong harassment of your movie’s actors.

What words do Bill and Ted say?

10 Bill & Ted Quotes You Probably Say All the Time

  • Air Guitar.
  • “Excellent”
  • “Bogus”
  • “Party on, dudes.”
  • “Yes, way.”
  • “Melvin!”
  • “Station!”
  • “Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.”

What does station mean as a greeting?

Just by the context of how it was used at the begining of the film. If not precisely cool or excellent, then certainly a term of positive acknowledgement or greeting in the same way that Bill and Ted use “be excellent to each other,” “party on” and similar. Station! – Noone.

What is a station bill?

Definition of station bill : a list of the crew and their duties in case of fire and other emergencies that is posted in the crew’s quarters or another conspicuous place on a ship — compare quarter bill.

What is the station bill?

What is Melvined?

The act of yanking a person’s underpants up their butt: is it a melvin, a murph, or a wedgie? Growing up, my cousins and I called it a “melvin” (they were older, and frequently melvin-ed me).

Is Station in Face the Music?

The word “Station” is used several times throughout Bogus Journey as a sort of exaltation, long before we ever know where the word comes from. It’s implied that everybody uses the word in the future, but nobody is using it in Face the Music.

Why is the robot named Dennis Caleb McCoy?

Dennis is named after Kelly’s ex-boyfriend. This suggests that his numerous insecurities remind the Great Leader of the real Dennis, or that she named the robot that on purpose to annoy Kelly.

What was the saying in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure?

“Strange Things Are Afoot At The Circle K.” Every movie has one line of dialogue that sums up the whole thing, and in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, this is that quote. The titular pair are hanging out at the Circle K, their local convenience store when a time traveler shows up. This is Ted’s iconic response.