What is the Phi Beta Sigma call?

What is the Phi Beta Sigma call?

What is the Phi Beta Sigma call?

Phi Beta Sigma
Publication The Crescent
Chapters 700+
Members 200,000+ lifetime
Nicknames Sigmas, Men of Sigma, ‘Mab, Men of Fire and Brimstone

What is MAB Phi Beta Sigma?

M.A.B (Mu Alumni Board) is comprised of men who are alumni of Lincoln University and members of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. We provide financial and service supports to The Lincoln University and Mu Chapter to enhance the fraternity’s value to the campus community.

What is the name of Pi Beta Phis philanthropic literacy platform?

Read > Lead > Achieve. Read > Lead > Achieve® is Pi Beta Phi’s philanthropic effort, which inspires a lifelong love of reading that can unlock true potential, creating a more literate and productive society. We believe in the power of reading.

What are Phi Beta Sigma’s known for?

Phi Beta Sigma consists of men dedicated to enhancing and promoting systematic fellowship, justice, equal rights, and service to America’s communities. Being both a service and social organization, Phi Beta Sigma has many programs.

What is Gomab Sigma?


Acronym Definition
GOMAB Go Out and Make Another Brother (Phi Beta Sigma fraternity)

What is Gamma Phi Beta philanthropy?

Gamma Phi Beta is the proud exclusive National Panhellenic Conference National Partner of Girls on the Run International, a nonprofit organization that allows our membership to actively live our philanthropic focus of Building Strong Girls through hands-on service and charitable giving.

What is the official fraternity website of Pi Beta Phi?

Pi Beta Phi

Campus: Columbus
Website: https://www.pibetaphi.org/pibetaphi/osu/
Primary Type: Social Fraternities/Sororities
Secondary Types: Academic/College Community Service/Service Learning
Primary Make Up: Undergraduate

Is Scottie Pippen a member of Phi Beta Sigma?

Blue Phi! Famous Men You Didn’t Know Are Sigmas | Scottie pippen, Scottie, Basketball players.

What does Blue Phi mean?

*The “Blue” in “Blue Phi” comes from the fact that the colors for Phi Beta Sigma, Fraternity Inc. are royal blue and pure white. These are also the colors for Phi Beta Sigma’s officially recognized sister sorority Zeta Phi Beta, Inc.