What is the story behind the song Lili Marlene?

What is the story behind the song Lili Marlene?

What is the story behind the song Lili Marlene?

Without any doubt the most popular song of the Second World War was ‘Lili Marlene’. It was based on a poem written during the First World War by German soldier Hans Leip and was addressed to two of Leip’s girlfriends, Lili and Marlene.

Why was Lili Marlene so popular?

“Lili Marlene” was first aired to troops on August 18th 1941, despite previously being banned by Joseph Goebbels for its anti-war sentiment. It rapidly became one of the most popular hits; soon it was played on a daily basis, often just before 10pm—as if it were a lullaby for soldiers at the numerous fronts.

Who wrote the song Lili Marlene?

Tommie Connor
Vlado Kreslin
Lili Marleen/Lyricists

Who sang Lili Marlene in German?

Marlene DietrichLili Marleen / ArtistMarie Magdalene “Marlene” Dietrich was a German-born American actress and singer. Her career spanned from the 1910s to the 1980s.
In 1920s Berlin, Dietrich performed on the stage and in silent films. Wikipedia

Who composed the song I’ll be seeing you?

Sammy FainI’ll Be Seeing You / Composer

What French singer now in his 80s has a 50 year career behind him and his most famous song is Lily?

Lili Marleen was released by American entertainer Connie Francis as her seventh German single in 1962 and would peak at No. 9 on the German charts. Francis also recorded the song in Italian and French….Connie Francis version.

“Lili Marleen”
Song by Connie Francis
Genre Schlager music
Length 1:55
Label MGM Records 61 053

Who is Marlene Dietrich?

Marlene Dietrich was a German-born motion-picture actress whose beauty, voice, aura of sophistication, and languid sensuality made her one of the world’s most glamorous film stars.

Is there a German version of Lili Marlene?

German blackmetal band Eisregen recorded a version of “Lili Marlene” on their album Hexenhaus. The German Gothic metal / Industrial metal band Atrocity released the song in both languages (English & German) on Gemini: on the blue edition was the German version, and on the red edition was the English version.

Who wrote the original Lili Marleen?

Lili Marleen. Written in 1915 as a poem, the song was published in 1937 and was first recorded by Lale Andersen in 1939 as “Das Mädchen unter der Laterne” (“The Girl under the Lantern”).

What is the song Lili Marleen about?

The song is referenced by Leonard Cohen in his 1971 released song, Famous Blue Raincoat. Spanish singer Marta Sánchez sang a Spanish version both solo, and with her band Olé Olé. In 2019 TV series Pennyworth, the SAS veterans, to whom the main character belongs, use Lili Marleen as their funeral march.

What does Lili Marleen stand for?

“Lili Marleen” (also spelled “Lili Marlen”, “Lilli Marlene”, “Lily Marlene”, “Lili Marlène” among others; German pronunciation: [ˈlɪliː maɐ̯ˈleːn(ə)]) is a German love song performed by Lale Andersen, which became popular during World War II throughout Europe and the Mediterranean among both Axis and Allied troops.