Where does inept come from?

Where does inept come from?

Where does inept come from?

‘Innit’ – usually pronounced that way, usually with a regional accent of some kind, often with a Cockney accent of some kind, often with a Jamaican accent – it’s because it’s come really from the fashionable use, in London mainly, by the Asian community and the Jamaican community, popularised by Ali G and others.

Is ineptitude a real word?

Ineptitude definition Ineptitude is defined as the quality of being bad at something, or an incompetent remark. An example of ineptitude is the inability to solve simple math problems.

What is the meaning of in ineptitude?

Definition of ineptitude : the quality or state of being inept especially : incompetence.

Is the word inept offensive?

Some usage guides say “inept” is the more negative of the three terms, and consider its use rude or insulting. Fowler’s Modern English Usage (rev. 3rd ed.) describes “inept” as an “impolite use” while “inapt” and “unapt” are “reasonably polite.”

Is innit British slang?

Innit is a contracted, slang form of “isn’t it”, typically British, originating in London.

Who invented innit?

And who you are, linguistically speaking, is all about class, innit. It is no coincidence that the word “slang” entered the language immediately after Samuel Johnson codified it for the first time in his 1755 dictionary.

What’s another word for ineptitude?

In this page you can discover 19 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for ineptitude, like: incompetence, inability, worthlessness, ineptness, clumsiness, ungracefulness, awkwardness, incapacity, stupidity, arrogance and bungling.

What is the opposite of ineptitude?

Antonyms. skillfulness capableness adaptability sensitivity sensitiveness competence capability.

Is ept the opposite of inept?

The dictionary says “ept” means adroit, appropriate, or effective. It describes the word as a back-formation and “deliberate antonym” of “inept.” A back-formation is a word formed by dropping part of an earlier word.

Why do Brits say mate?

Mate is used as a term of endearment, but also frequently used to casually ingratiate oneself with a stranger or new acquaintance. You might refer to a waiter or fellow bar fly using the word ‘mate’. When used to address somebody or get their attention, the word mate is usually reserved for men only.

What is the meaning of ‘ineptitude’?

When Farhad Moshiri walked through the door at Goodison Park it was meant to be the ushering in of a new era. It was meant to signal that Everton could soon compete with the richer clubs who’d been dominating the Premier League. Over five years on and I doubt you’ll find a single Evertonian who feels this has materialised.

How to use “ineptitude” in a sentence?

How To Use Ineptitude In A Sentence? Did any one ever witness such an exhibition of ineptitude and spiritual asthenia? None the less, a great deal may have been due to sheer ineptitude in estimating human nature. As it happened, the treason of Dumouriez and their own ineptitude destroyed them before revenge was within reach.

How to pronounce ineptitude?

How to pronounce ineptitude in English. The definition of ineptitude is: unskillfulness resulting from a lack of…

What is the difference between “ineptness” and “ineptitude”?


  • inability.
  • incapacity.
  • lack.
  • cowardice.
  • weakness.