Where is Iles de Saintes?

Where is Iles de Saintes?

Where is Iles de Saintes?

The Îles des Saintes ([il de sɛ̃t]; “Islands of the Female Saints”), also known as Les Saintes, is a group of small islands in the archipelago of Guadeloupe, an overseas department of France. It is part of the Canton of Trois-Rivières and is divided into two communes: Terre-de-Haut and Terre-de-Bas.

How do you get to Terre-de-Haut?

TERRE-DE-HAUT — It’s not hard to get here. But it’s hard enough. It’s a short, twice-daily ferry ride from the tall cliffs of Trois-Rivieres on Guadeloupe’s island of Basse-Terre. There are flights here, very small flights, into a very small airport.

What Caribbean island was called All Saints?

Antigua and Barbuda
All Saints is the second largest town in Antigua and Barbuda, with a population of 3,412. It is located in the middle of Antigua, at 17°3′N 61°47′W. Just 5 miles NW of here is the capital, St. John’s….All Saints, Antigua and Barbuda.

All Saints
All Saints
Coordinates: 17°03′N 61°47′W
Country Antigua and Barbuda
Island Antigua

How do you get from Terre-de-Haut to Guadeloupe?

The quickest way to get from Guadeloupe to Terre-de-Haut Island is to ferry which costs $22 and takes 2h 15m.

How many Saint islands are there?

Virgin Islands, group of about 90 small islands, islets, cays, and rocks in the West Indies, situated some 40 to 50 miles (64 to 80 kilometres) east of Puerto Rico.

Where are the Îles des Saintes?

Location of Îles des Saintes (part of Guadeloupe, circled) in the Lesser Antilles. Not effective until 1816. Shared with Guadeloupe. The Îles des Saintes (“Islands of the Saints”), also known as Les Saintes is a group of small islands in the archipelago of Guadeloupe, an overseas department of France.

What are the characteristics of Les Saintes?

Les Saintes extend only over 12.8 km 2 (4.9 sq mi) but are characterised by a long coast, enriched by those of four small uninhabited islands. The coast of these islands does not have real cliffs, but their rocky shores are covered with corals. The sandy shores are more-or-less colonised by marine spermatophyte plants.

What is the flora of Bay of Les Saintes?

Bay of Les Saintes. The flora is typical of the xerophile forests of the volcanic Antilles islands: Eugenia ( Eugenia axillaris) – (a species of Myrtaceae, the fruits of which allow the manufacturing of the local and typical liqueur of wild cherry, apéritif of les Saintes)

How were Les Saintes restored to the Kingdom of France?

Les Saintes were restored to the Kingdom of France only after the signature of the Treaty of Paris on 10 February 1763, by which France gave up Île Royale, Isle Saint-Jean, Acadia and Canada, the Great Lakes region and the left bank of the Mississippi to the British.