Where is Saints Row 4 save game?

Where is Saints Row 4 save game?

Where is Saints Row 4 save game?

In subsequent games in the Saints Row series, and game-saving is performed only through the menu….Where is Saints Row 4 save game location?

System Location
Microsoft Store
Steam /userdata/ /206420/

Can you save Saints Row 4 with cheats?

Note: Achievements and auto save are disabled when cheats are activated. However, you are still allowed to manually save while cheats are enabled.

How do you fix a save error on Saints Row 4?

If that doesn’t work, try the long way:

  1. move save files from “C:\Program Files\Steamserdata\(your_user_ID)\remote” to somewhere else.
  2. delete 206420 folder.
  3. start new game – save when you can.
  4. the new save files were in “C:\Program Files\Steamserdata\(your_user_ID)\remote” folder for me.

Where is my Saints Row 3 save file?

C:\Users\UserID\AppData\Local\Saints Row The Third For those of you that have purchased the game on Steam, head over to the location mentioned below to access the save-game files for Steam Play (Linux).

How do you save in Saints Row The Third?


  1. Saving a game in Saints Row can either be done using an in-world Save Point icon, or using the menu.
  2. In Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third, when a saved game is loaded, Playa spawns inside the nearest Crib.

Does Saints Row 4 have autosave?

There is no autosave in Saints Row. In Saints Row 2, the game is automatically saved into the autosave slot after the completion of any mission or activity. In Saints Row: The Third, Saints Row IV, and Saints Row IV: Gat out of Hell, the game autosaves much more frequently, such as after using Stores.

How do you delete a saved game on Saints Row 2?

Launch Saints Row 2, then go to “C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\THQ\Saints Row 2” with the game still launched, and delete the save files as the game is running, and they’ll stay gone.

How do I delete Saints Row saves?

Start + Select buttons together > click on Storage (You can’t miss it. It’s on the bottom of the menu) > go down to Saints Row 2 then delete what you want.